Blake Shelton Remembers Earl Thomas Conley After Receiving Gift From Late Songwriter

by Jon D. B.

The gift, an RCA Gold Record, comes to Blake Shelton as a posthumous gift from prolific country songwriter Earl Thomas Conley.

“Loss” seems the name of the game of late. For Blake Shelton, it’s a word that has come up often during these last few, tumultuous years. Today, the star takes to Twitter to remember yet another fallen friend. This time, however, it comes not in the form of a fresh loss – but as a touching posthumous gift from legendary songwriter Earl Thomas Conley.

“Earl has been gone for close to 2 years now so you can imagine how shocked, happy & honored I am to receive this,” Shelton captions his tweet. Within, he includes a photo of the brilliant gift: an RCA Gold Record that certified Conley’s 500,000 sales of his album, Greatest Hits. The plaque below the gold record reads: “Presented to Blake Shelton,” followed by “Proud to be your friend” at the end. What a tribute!

“Just the thought that he was thinking of me is overwhelming,” Shelton continues. “It will hang proudly in my home. Thanks to my friend Mike Pyle in Muscle Shoals for getting it to me.”

Blake Shelton Remembers Old Friends & Heroes in 2021

Earl Thomas Conley, born October 17, 1941, was a widely-celebrated and successful country music singer & songwriter. From 1980 on, he would record ten studio albums – seven of which were for RCA, the label from which his Gold Record is presented to Blake Shelton. Across his career, Conley would chart more than thirty singles on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart – a remarkable feat. Even more impressive: eighteen of these songs reached No. 1.

After a long and fruitful career, Conley would pass on April 10, 2019, at 77 of cerebral atrophy.

Conley’s posthumous gift comes on the heels of another great country industry loss: the late, great Ed Bruce.

“Just hearing that Ed Bruce passed away…” Shelton said on Twitter mere days ago. “What a stand alone voice he had.”

Shelton joined other country stars, such as his contemporary Tim McGraw, in honoring the late singer-songwriter after his passing at age 81. Bruce died of natural causes in Clarksville, Tennessee after a lifetime of remarkable contributions to the industry.

“He’ll be remembered for his many talents including acting and maybe most important his songwriting,” Shelton continues of the influential Bruce.

Shelton‘s marking of the late legend’s acting is apropos, as well, given his career in both country television and film, alongside music. After his last charting single, “Quietly Crazy” in 1987, Ed Bruce began transitioning into acting.

“Rest In Peace cowboy. Im not loving 2021 so far,” Shelton concluded of his hero’s passing.

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