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Blake Shelton Reveals He Always Kept Things Country in Throwback Image

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Terry Wyatt/Getty Images)

When it comes to being true to himself, Blake Shelton has always kept it country. Even as a young blonde-headed child. Even before the mullet, before that message on the answering machine, and before his marriage to Gwen Stefani, this country singer looked like a little Bo Duke.

Shelton might be the Nickelback of country music (he said it not me), but that doesn’t mean we don’t still love him. And that doesn’t mean he’s any less country. When he came onto the music scene, Shelton wasn’t anything but a mullet and a clean-shaven face. Now, he’s like the cool uncle that is always talking about retirement but never doing it.

Even before his first hit song Austin, Blake Shelton kept it country. Check out this photo he posted and check out his single Come Back as a Country Boy.

“Keeping things country.. you know how it goes,” he captioned the photo. He also linked to his new single so fans could find that easily.

There is a lot about Shelton that we don’t know about right now. He has been hinting at maybe taking a chance at leaving the entertainment industry full-time. He is still a coach on The Voice which switched to one season a year instead of two in 2021. And, he has his music career, but he might not want to tour as much anymore.

Right now, it seems he is focused on being a husband and stepfather for his wife’s three kids. That’s a noble pursuit indeed for the lifelong country boy. Speaking of touring though, he isn’t done yet with live shows and he has some friends that he wants to bring along for the ride.

So, if you catch him at a show, you might see some former contestants from The Voice along with him.

Blake Shelton Brings Country Acts and Others with Him on Tour

When you have your own bar in four different locations across the united states, then you know where some of your shows are going to be. When Shelton hits up his Old Red locations in Tennessee, Florida, and Oklahoma, fans are going to get a special treat.

Carson Peters, Wendy Moten, Lana Scott, and Hailey Green are going to be featured at select shows. Those are some of the biggest names from this last season of The Voice for Team Blake. He was a big believer in his team members this year, and now he’s rewarding them.

You know Blake Shelton is going to keep it country, no matter who he tours with.