Blake Shelton Reveals How His Father Inspired His Journey in Parenthood

by Allison Hambrick
AUSTIN, TEXAS - OCTOBER 30: Blake Shelton performs onstage during the 2021 iHeartCountry Festival Presented By Capital One at The Frank Erwin Center on October 30, 2021 in Austin, Texas. Editorial Use Only. (Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Country singer Blake Shelton opened up about how his father influenced his role as a stepfather to wife Gwen Stefani’s three sons.

 “My dad when he married my mom — my mom [already] had a baby, my brother, Richie,” Shelton revealed. “He took Richie on and raised him from the time he was 1-year-old, and my brother never thought of my dad as anything other than his dad.”

As a result, Shelton never questioned how a man could raise another man’s children. The musician explained: “The example that my dad set for me was that [children were] not even a consideration [in a romantic partnership]. You got three boys? Awesome! My dad did it. My dad raised me.”

“I think Gwen thought when we first started seeing each other that it was just gonna be a moment in time because of that,”he continued. Having both served as judges on The Voice, Stefani and Shelton began dating after they both went through divorces. After seven years together, the couple married in August of 2021. According to Shelton, his relationship with Stefani allowed him to slow down and enjoy aspects of life aside from his music career.

“What I’ve been looking forward to doing for the last four or five years is eyeing that timeline, that part of my career, where I just need to start stripping some things away,” he said. “You gotta get some life in there. [By] marrying Gwen, I’ve married into a family. She’s got three boys … and all of a sudden, you go, there’s other stuff.”

Blake Shelton Explains How Gwen Stefani’s Faith Inspired Him

Additionally, Shelton once explained that his relationship with Stefani allowed him to recognize another important aspect in her life: her faith.

“I think that under the circumstances that Gwen and I fell in love with each other and got together was all the proof I needed,” Shelton said. “She has such a strong faith in God: That’s No. 1 in her life and has been her whole life. She doesn’t beat you over the head with it – she would never do that. That’s her relationship [with God].”

According to Shelton, this faith in God permeates everything Stefani does. As a result, he began to find more of God in his everyday life, including in his music.

“I’ve learned a lot from Gwen about a lot of things, really just watching her, learning from her and learning how she thinks and how she treats people, and how she just operates in her life,” Shelton then added. “Naturally I start seeing the God in everything, because she does. Of course, that starts bleeding into my record and my music, and next thing you know, I’m recording songs and writing songs about faith and God.”