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Blake Shelton Reveals the ‘Joys of Working With Mom’ on Upcoming Hallmark Movie

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: John Shearer/Hand in Hand/ Getty Images)

What can’t Blake Shelton do? He is currently working on his third Hallmark movie, but the catch is, he is producing the film with his mother.

No mother will admit who their favorite child is, but we have a feeling Blake Shelton might be inching his way near the top of her list after he invited her to fulfill her dream of being a songwriter.

Most would see this as a disaster in the making. However, the country artist opens up in an interview with Late Night with Seth Meyers about the “joys of working with mom” says how it is like an episode of “I Love Lucy.”

“The joys of working with your mom in the entertainment industry,” laughs Shelton. “What happened was, we wrote a song together– I had a Christmas album that came out several years ago, and my mom is a little like Lucy Ricardo. Where she’s constantly harassing Ricky to let her be on the show, or let her sing or write a song. My mom has always wanted to be a songwriter. So she is always texting me or talking to me about song ideas.”

Blake Shelton on Album with His Mother

Finally, Shelton gave in. He probably made his mother’s life complete.

“So, finally, one day, I said, ‘look, I’m making a Christmas album. I think it would be appropriate for you and I to finally write this Christmas song together. I’ll record it. It’ll be on my album, and we’ll sing it like a duet.'”

Show business didn’t stop at the album for Dorothy Shelton. The duet opened many doors for the proud mother.

“So we did this thing. And then they ended up- some publisher came along and offered her a book deal because of the song. Then because the book came out, then the Hallmark Channel came along, and they offered to do a movie based on the book. And the movie did good, and here we are, three movies later, so just let me know if you want to do any work with any family members.”

Yes, Blake, we would love to pick your fiancée’s brain. We would consider ourselves pretty big fans.