Blake Shelton Reveals New Country Album He and Gwen Stefani ‘Are Excited to Listen’ To

by Quentin Blount

Country music star Blake Shelton recently revealed what new country album he and his fiance, Gwen Stefani, are excited to listen to next.

Shelton gave a shout out to Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Cam on social media. Cam released The Otherside, her first album in five years, in late October.

Evidently, Shelton just received his copy of her new record.

“Hey @camcountry thank you very much for the album,” Shelton wrote on Twitter. “Gwen and I are excited to listen!!!”

The singer’s real name is Camaron Ochs. She broke out in 2015 with her Grammy-nominated ballad “Burning House.” That song would appear on her debut album Untamed and remains the best-selling country song by a female solo artist.

Meanwhile, the release of Cam’s critically-acclaimed single “Diane” followed in 2017. However, the release date for her next album kept getting pushed back. Finally, after disagreements with her former record label, she left the company in 2018.

In an interview with People Magazine, Cam explains what it meant to put out the album after waiting years.

“There was this moment of, ‘Everyone’s pushing their releases back. Should we do this? And I was like, No, no, we’re putting this out right now,'” the singer explains. “I’m so proud of it. I’m in retrospect, now, glad that it took the time it took, because ‘Classic’ and ‘Girl Like Me’ came at the end here and just the final tweaks on ‘The Otherside'” everything feels like it’s exactly how it’s supposed to be now. So the universe is doing what it’s doing, and I’m playing my part.”

Blake Shelton Excited that 2020 is Coming to an End

Blake Shelton is excited about more than just Cam’s new country album. He read everyone’s minds when he posted a video on Twitter, saying, “Thank God this year is finally winding down a little bit.”

In the video, Shelton gave a special shoutout to all his Ole’ Red employees. Without the employees, Shelton says, they couldn’t have made it through 2020.

“Happy Thanksgiving to y’all, @OleRed!” Shelton said.

Shelton owns a franchise of restaurants and entertainment venues called Ole Red. In September of 2017, the first Ole Red opened in his hometown of Tishomingo, OK. One year later, in March of 2018, a second location opened in Nashville. In addition, he has two other locations in Gatlinburg and Orlando.