Blake Shelton Reveals New Music Is Coming Soon Following ‘Minimum Wage’ Release

by Thad Mitchell

Country Music superstar Blake Shelton is looking to continue his 2020 momentum into the new year with new music.

The 44-year-old country singer and songwriter just released his new single “Minimum Wage” a few weeks ago. The song is Shelton’s first solo singe release since 2019’s “God’s Country. The song is doing quite well, climbing the country music charts despite a bit of controversy over the song’s lyrics. Critics say the song makes light of the fact that the country is currently battling a deadly pandemic.

He now says fans can expect a brand new album in the near future. Appearing on the Bobby Bones Show, Blake Shelton confirms the news and says a new album is in the works for later this year.

“We’re gonna come with a new album, this (Minimum Wage) will be the first single off of that album,” he says. “We are pumped about it.”

Blake Shelton Says New Music is on the Way

After putting out “God’s Country” 2019, Shelton tells Entertainment Tonight that he didn’t have a desire to put out a new album.

“I don’t want to put out an album. I really don’t,” he says in the interview. “I’m sure that at some point my record company people are going to pressure me into it, but as of now, I’m not putting out an album this year. I know that.”

The country star says he would have been just as content to continue releasing singles, questioning if people still care about albums.

“I’ll be just as happy to release just another single,” he says. “I’ve got other stuff that I’m pumped about, but when I think about an album right now I’m like, ‘Do people care about them anymore?’ I don’t know. But I’m having a blast just releasing singles. Maybe I’ll do that from now on.”

It isn’t known what changed Blake Shelton’s mind but his adoring fan base is sure glad he did.

New music isn’t the only thing Shelton and his fans have to look forward to in 2021. The singer will tie the knot with his love, Gwen Stefani, at some point this year. Though an exact date for their wedding is not yet known, the music industry power couple says they will marry in a private ceremony at Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch.

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