Blake Shelton Shares Advice for His Younger Self: ‘Mullet’s Not As Cool As You Think’

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Chris Walter/WireImage for Bragman Nyman Cafarelli)

Country star Blake Shelton recently spoke about his 20 years in the music industry, opened up about his upcoming album, and even shared advice for his younger self.

It’s hard to believe the longtime The Voice coach came out with his first album two decades ago. Shelton’s self-titled debut album released back in July 2001. Since then, the musician’s life has changed quite a bit.

He’s become a platinum-selling artist and won numerous music awards. He’s become a staple on the hit competition show The Voice. In 2017, Shelton even became the first country singer to grace PEOPLE magazine’s Sexiest Man Alive cover issue. On top of that, he’s engaged to pop sensation Gwen Stefani. So yea, Blake Shelton has done alright for himself in the 21st century.

The 44-year-old musician recently spoke with PEOPLE. He talked about the last 20 years of his music career and shared some tips for his younger self.

“I would have told that kid, ‘Hey man, the mullet’s not as cool as you think it is,'” Blake Shelton joked when speaking with PEOPLE. “And I would have told myself to get more rest back then. When I started I was 24 and lived life to the max back then. It’s probably why I ran out of battery so soon.”

Blake Shelton Talks New Album, New Sound

For the last two years, Blake Shelton has worked on his upcoming album, which hits stores and streaming services soon. Fans don’t have long to wait since Body Language is scheduled for release on May 21st. However, fans may be in for a surprise on his latest album. He’s broadened his sound and tried to “reinvent” himself with this latest record.

“I’m to the point in my career where I always want to try to reinvent myself. I keep one foot in traditional country but at the same time … find new sounds and new music,” Shelton shared.

Part of that reinvention has seen him working with his other half Gwen Stefani. The couple have collaborated on a few occasions, including their recent duet “Happy Anywhere,” which is on his new album. But don’t get it twisted, Stefani isn’t turning country full-time.

“One of the things that she’s adamant about is she wants people to know that she’s not making a country album or trying to just step into that area,” he says. “She just likes to make records with me. And if you’re going to make a record with me, whether you like it or not, it’s going to end up country. I can’t help it!”

As he looks back on the last two decades, he can’t help but be thankful. He still seems shocked by his lasting success, and considers himself both “blessed” and “super lucky.”

“Here I am sitting here talking to you 20 years later after ‘Austin‘ came out — not only talking to you, but talking about new music that’s still coming out,” Blake Shelton explains. “I don’t know how this happened to me, but I thank God every day. I’ve just been super blessed and super lucky. It’s unbelievable.”