Blake Shelton Shows Off His Dance Moves ‘You Wish You Had’ in New Video

by Emily Morgan

Blake Shelton’s got the moves, and he knows you wish you had them. On Monday, he posted a Tik Tok video of himself showing off his dance skills to one of Snoop Dogg’s famous hits.

“I know what you’re thinking… you WISH you had moves like mine,” he captioned the video. In the clip, Shelton moves and grooves to Snoop Dogg’s classic “Drop It Like It’s Hot” behind the scenes from “The Voice.”


I know what you’re thinking… you WISH you had moves like mine. @snoopdogg @nbcthevoice #fyp #thevoice #dropitlikeitshot

♬ original sound – Blake Shelton

On Monday, Snoop Dogg made his debut on the show as a Mega Mentor during Knockout Rounds. He joined Shelton, Kelly Clarkson, John Legend, and Nick Jonas to help coach their team members for one last round before starting the season’s live shows.

“The element of surprise is when you come and see Snoop Dogg sitting in the chair,” the famous rapper said about making his debut as the first-ever rapper to serve as a mentor on the singing competition. “I know if I was a young, aspiring songwriter or singer, it’d probably throw me off beat, but then I would compose myself to show them that this is why I’m here.”

In addition, he added that stage presence was a critical element for the contestants.

“You could have a great set of vocals, but if you have no stage presence, you’re just a vocalist,” he explained. “A lot of that time needs to be put into making sure that you have a presence onstage. Even if you don’t dance, make sure that you have some sort of movement that you know gives you body language while you’re performing. A lot of artists don’t pay attention to that.”

Potential Blake Shelton & Snoop Dogg Collab in the Works?

As for “The Voice” coaches, Snoop Dogg shared his opinion on Blake Shelton, saying that he and Shelton have more in common than some might think.

“Blake is like Snoop Dogg,” Snoop said with a laugh. “If we would’ve been in school together, we both would’ve been getting suspended, class clowns, throwing stuff at the other students. Like, he’s one of my guys… Can’t look at us and tell, but once we started hanging out and doing our thing, it was life, man, y’all act like y’all been knowing each other 20, 30 years.”

While they may seem like an unlikely pair, Snoop Dog also added that he would love to someday collaborate with the country music superstar.

“I think me and Blake would make a monster jam. Get a bunch of his favorite stuff to drink and get a bunch of my favorite stuff to do and hello!” he admitted with a laugh. “It may happen, man, I wouldn’t doubt it.”