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Blake Shelton Suggests George Strait do Extra Long Concert With All His #1 Hits

by Keeli Parkey
(Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for dcp)

Blake Shelton thinks George Strait should perform an epic concert focusing on the King of Country’s #1 hits. That should be music to the ears of every country fan.

Shelton described his idea for what would undoubtedly be a great concert during an appearance on The Bobby Bones Show.

“I always thought, man wouldn’t it be cool if (George Strait) did like a marathon – like a four or five-hour concert of just all his No. 1 hits and it was on HBO or something like that,” Shelton said. “That’s my big idea for George, anyway. … (George) loves to work, I tell ya.”

An ideal George Strait concert came up after Bones asked Blake Shelton if he would want to do a concert of just his 28 No. 1 hit songs while maybe including a few very popular songs that didn’t make it to No. 1. Bones suggested Shelton could perform the hits over two nights in one city.

“I want to play in front of a full crowd and two nights would probably be one night too many for me,” Blake Shelton joked. “I guess if the people would promise that they would come back again the second night, then, yeah, that would be a blast.”

Shelton then added: “I used to always think that about George Strait.”

Watch Blake Shelton on The Bobby Bones Show below.

Blake Shelton Releases New “Minimum Wage” Single

On Friday, Jan. 15, Blake Shelton officially released his new single, “Minimum Wage.” The official release of the song was announced on Shelton’s Twitter page.

“#MinimumWage is here!!!! It’s a classic-country love song that says you don’t need a lot of money or possessions to have love. I wanted to record it the minute I heard it and it’s catchy as all get-out too! Can’t wait for y’all to hear it,” Shelton posted.

The announcement includes a short clip from the song, as well as a link where fans can hear the full track.

The release of “Minimum Wage” prompted Bones to ask Blake Shelton about his job history.

“I roofed houses in Ada, Oklahoma,” Shelton said when asked about his first minimum wage job. “And, it may have been more than minimum wage now that I think about it. I think I got paid $8 an hour and I feel like way back then minimum wage might have been like $6 an hour or something closer to that so. Man, I stepped right into the big money roofing houses.”

George Strait Invites Fans to Enter TikTok Contest

On Wednesday, Jan. 13, Strait and company announced the “Amarillo By Morning” TikTok challenge via Twitter.

According to information also shared via Twitter, the contest rules are fairly simple. First, record a video on TikTok using the “Amarillo By Morning” sound. To find it, click “sound” on the search bar in TikTok and type in George Strait. Next, post the video and tag GeorgeStrait. Also, follow @GeorgeStrait on TikTok.

The deadline to enter the “Amarillo By Morning” TikTok challenge is Sunday, Jan. 31.