Blake Shelton Teaming With Brooks & Dunn Has Us Celebrating the ’90s

by Jonathan Howard

This has been a long time coming for country music fans. Blake Shelton is going to “Throw It On Back” with his new song featuring Brooks & Dunn.

That’s right. Shelton. Brooks. Dunn. In an effort to celebrate the rough and rowdy past of the Boys ‘Round Here singer. Ronnie and Kix join to add a little bit of that throwback flavor in a song that is new but feels oh so classic. This song still has that stadium country feel but dials it back a bit.

Check out the song and see what you think.

To me, Throw It On Back is the song for those that used to blast As Good As I Once Was but now you’ve really cooled off. It’s that time to just sit back and think about those crazy days when you were slamming whiskey and staying out until the early morning. It’s great and has a fun set of lyrics and a good sound altogether.

Still got a stereo stuck in the eighties/Still got a hat that’s a hit with the ladie/I still got a truck that knows its way/Back to them good old days.”

The song was released at the beginning of the month on December 3. It is an addition to the deluxe version of his Body Language album. These deluxe albums are becoming the norm lately. Other songs included on the deluxe album include a duet with HARDY, the song Shelton wrote as his wedding vows to Gwen Stefani, and the latest single Come Back As a Country Boy.

Why Do a Deluxe Edition?

Some fans may be wondering why he would put together a deluxe album. After all the original album came out earlier this year. Why not just add those other songs onto the next project? Well, Shelton has the answers for you.

“We wanted to release this deluxe album because some songs came in at a point in time where I wasn’t ready to make a new album,” Blake Shelton explained. “But I wanted to get these songs out there, so that’s what we decided to do. You guys go check it out, we’re very proud of this thing.”

So, there you have it. From the man himself. This album is going to be something fans will enjoy. If Shelton has taken pride in the project and is putting it out, then listeners are going to get a solid product.

Blake Shelton Having a Great End to 2021

For the country music singer, the last half of this year has been solid. He returned as a coach on The Voice and is in a solid position to get one of his singers to the top. With the release of the deluxe album along with the new songs that seem to be climbing the charts every day, he got married, what more could he ask for?

Blake Shelton also won an award to cap it all off. He was named Best Country Artist by the People’s Choice Awards. There doesn’t seem to be anything getting in the way of Shelton this year as we start to gear down and gear up for 2022.