Bob Weir Reacts to Reports of Dead & Company Stopping Tours After 2022: ‘News to Me’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by C Flanigan/FilmMagic)

As reports continue to circulate about Dead & Company stopping tours after their Summer 2022 tour, band member Bob Weir shares his reaction to the news.

While responding to Rolling Stones’ report that says a source stated Dead & Company is stopping live tours, Bob Weir declared, “News to me…”

Meanwhile, in a recent update of Rolling Stones’ piece, Dead & Company issued a statement, “Dead & Company has made no official decision as to this being their final tour.”

The media outlet also confirms that the sources close to Dead & Company initially claimed that 2022 would be the last year of the group touring together. Bob Weir has said that discussions are still continuing about the fate of the band as well. 

As previously reported, Bob Weir along with other original Grateful Dead bandmates Mickey Hart and Kreutzmann created Dead & Company in 2015. The group also features John Mayer, Oteil Burbridge, and Jeff Chimenti. The group recently announced its Summer 2022 tour. The tour’s tickets went on sale on Friday (April 8th).

Bob Weir Talks Teaming Up With John Mayer For Dead & Company

During a recent interview with USA Today, Bob Weir opened up about teaming up with John Mayer for Dead & Company. “John is endlessly inventive and he loves the song,” Weir explained. He also said John Mayer throws himself into the songs. “He’s a fabulous technician and can play pretty much anything you throw at him.”

Bob Weir further declares that it’s a lot of fun playing with John Mayer. “Sometimes fun isn’t the most apt word I’d use to describe what we’re doing. Maybe it’s something else. It’s deep and it’s living. And that’s what we do. Those moments of living.”

While discussing his music legacy, Bob Weir said that he’s going to let people in the future decide on the legacy he has. “There are great musical cultures and great music to be found. But there is nothing quite as magical as the American songbook. I spent 60 years or so delving as deep into it and as intently as I can. I just love the stuff so much.”

Bob Weir then noted that he wishes he could settle in on a particular vein of “American music” heritage. “Be it country, blues, R&B. But I just love it all and I try to play it all. I guess in years to come when people listen to me, they’ll make note of the fact that he tried to play it all. We’ll see how successful people think I am.”

In regards to live music during the COVID-19 pandemic, Bob Weir encourages the live music scene to rebound. “I can’t imagine living in a culture where live music on the club level would no longer be available. It would be a world I don’t want to live in. And I don’t think I’m alone in that feeling.”