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Brad Paisley Announces Europe Tour in 2022 With Morgan Evans

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Danielle Del Valle/Getty Images)

Country music is heading to Europe next year with Brad Paisley taking a seven-date summer tour on the continent in 2022. Morgan Evans will join the award-winning singer-songwriter.

Paisley made the announcement earlier today and seems to be excited. There were some fans that found their preferred city left off the list. However, the seven dates take place across Europe. He is going to play two shows in Norway. No other country got more than one show. Over on Instagram, the country artist shared a graphic with the dates while making the announcement.

The tour kicks off on July 15 and goes through the 31st of the month. It will be just half a month, but the shows should be full of energy. It isn’t often that American country acts make time for a European tour. Fans across the pond were upset there is no London show listed. However, there is a show scheduled for Glasgow, Scotland.

From there, Brad Paisley and Morgan Evans head to Dublin, Ireland. Then, they hit up the Netherlands as well as Denmark in Tilberg and Copenhagen, respectively. After that are the two shows in Norway. Paisley will take the stage in Bergen and Trondheim. Finally, things wrap up with a show in Schwetzingen, Germany.

The only major complaint came from the English hoping for a London show. However, the United Kingdom kicks the tour off with Glasgow on the 15th. So, there is an opportunity there.

Brad Paisley is bringing Morgan Evans along and this is going to be a big tour for the Australian artist. His first record came out in 2014 and has a good resume in the genre.

Brad Paisley Releasing Special, Truck Aged Bourbon

Before that tour begins, Brad Paisley has other business to take care of. It was back in 2019 when the artist had an idea. He wanted to make a bourbon, but not just any kind of bourbon. No, the singer-songwriter wanted to age it while out on tour.

That’s right, Paisley’s American Highway Bourbon traveled the country with the singer on his 2019 tour. It went to 25 states and traveled more than 7,000 miles. That is more traveling than some people do in their entire lifetimes. He is very passionate about the project, and now the whiskey is ready for release. So, fans should be ready to try to get their hands on some.

What is so special about this Brad Paisley bourbon, is the fact that it experienced a range of temperatures and humidity levels. The environment is so important to the liquor, not to mention the movement out on the road. This is a whiskey unlike any other. There are 15-year, 13-year, and 3-year Kentucky bourbons blended with Paisley’s road-aged brand, making up the final product.