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Brad Paisley Gets Own Black Sparkle Signature Series Fender Esquire Guitar

by Kayla Zadel
(Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

All that glitters is gold, and all that sparkles is the Brad Paisley Esquire signature guitar.

This isn’t just any guitar. Brad Paisley just got a legendary Fender Esquire that he collaborated with the axe conglomerate on. The color, black but finished in a stunning trademarked sparkle lacquer. And to top it off, a paisley pickguard at the end of enhanced “V”-shaped maple neck.

Brad Paisley Shares Details on Fender Esquire

Paisley talks about the custom-designed guitar, plus takes the beauty for a spin while showing off his guitar playing talents. There’s a very specific detail that’s been added to this Esquire. Paisley explains the new feature.

“Hidden underneath this pickguard right here is a pick up specifically designed to pick up the strings without pulling too much on them and allowing the full sort of free vibration that happens with an Esquire typically,” Paisley explains.

He explains that’s it’s not something you can typically do with an Esquire as he shows off the new feature. The country crooner continues to deliver licks on the Fender and then stops to explain more about the tech guitar.

“It’s allowed everything to sort of just completely aggressively go between this cable and your amplifier and it’s just a punch in the face,” he says.

The “Mud on the Tires” singer says it’s important to hear an echo from the past in everything he does. The sparkle for the design comes from Buck Owens and Don Rich. They were some of the first to take the stage with the glitzy guitars.

Paisley says, “It’s half diamonds and half coal on this thing.” He’s referring to the black sparkle of his custom guitar, and feels that it just says “country.”

He continues to explain that you won’t need to get another guitar after you purchase this edition of the Fender Esquire. The “Alcohol” artist points out that the body is made of spruce and paulownia wood. The wood might be lightweight but it provides the right tone once played.

Lastly, Paisley addresses the custom “V”-shaped maple neck with 21 medium jumbo frets. “This is the guitar of a lifetime,” he finishes with before he strums away showing off the new instrument.