Brad Paisley is ‘So Grateful’ for Upcoming ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Episode Featuring Nashville Nonprofit

by Halle Ames

Brad Paisley is giving back to the Nashville community with a shout-out to Wheel of Fortune, Kevin Nealon, and a local nonprofit. 

Social Media Post

Paisley said he is feeling “so grateful” in a social media update from last night. The post features a clip of comedian Kevin Nealon’s turn on the beloved game show, Wheel of Fortune. Brad Paisley mentions how much Nealon struggles on the show, saying, “hopefully he finds his groove.”

“Let’s go with ‘D,'” says Nealon.
“Well, you need to spin again… As you know,” reminds Wheel of Fortune host Pat Sajak.
“Well, I want you to get that ‘D’ ready.”
“Do we have a ‘D ‘for table six? You still want the ‘D’?
“Umm, no. No. I changed my mind.”
“What do you want then?”
“I want to buy a vowel. No. No. I’m only gonna buy– Did you see any money? No, you did not see any money,” comments Nealon.
“Call a letter that’s not a vowel.”
“Okay, I want… ‘D’…”
“You know, I’m so happy there is no ‘D,'” admits Sajak.

Brad Paisley’s Nonprofit, The Store

According to Brad Paisley’s post, the money generated by Kevin Nealon from the episode will be going toward a good cause. Nealon will be paying it forward with a donation to a Nashville nonprofit, named The Store

The Store is an organization founded by Brad and Kimberly Paisley. According to The Store’s website, the nonprofit “operates as a year-round free grocery store allowing people to shop for their basic needs.”

Courtney Vrablik, the Executive Director for Brad Paisley’s nonprofit, explains how the process works. She says that with the help of Kroger, The Store was different from the average food pantry. 

“The Store is set up like a grocery store. A family comes in, and after filling out the intake information, they grab a cart and pick out things they know their family will eat. There is an entire produce section with fresh produce that comes in weekly. We stock nutritionally dense, healthful, low-fat items that are easy to combine and prepare. Everyone in the store shopping, they are all basically in the same boat, so it’s a safe place to be.”

What is the slogan for the impactful charity? Simple. “Love at the Core.”

A perfect reminder for this Thursday.

Be sure to watch this video of Brad and Kimberly Paisley making grocery runs for those that benefit from The Store. 

Celebrity Wheel of Fortune

Other guests on tonight’s episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune include actress and model Rachael Leigh Cook, as well as actress and TV personality Sherri Shepherd. 

Shepherd will be playing for “Reel Beauty,” a nonprofit aimed at restoring self-esteem in young women, while Cook will be donating her earrings to “Feeding America.”

The episode will be broadcasted tonight at 8/7c on ABC. The episode will be the finale for this season of Wheel of Fortune. Make sure you don’t miss it. We know Brad Paisley won’t!