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Brad Paisley Shouts Out His ‘Guitar Techs’ for a Big Game in the MLB Playoffs

by Courtney Blackann
(Photo by Andrew Chin/Getty Images)

When country music star Brad Paisley isn’t singing in front of a sold-out crowd, the West Virginia native is usually having a bit of fun. He’s known for his prankster antics as well as his love of sports. After the L.A. Dodgers walk-off win earlier this week, Paisley took to Instagram to share his congrats in the most Brad Paisley way ever.

Having previously met Chris Taylor and Justin Turner during a tour, Paisley shared a photo of those moments – calling the two MLB players his ‘guitar techs’ and offering them a big congratulations for their help in securing a Dodgers-Giants NLDS.

“A couple of my guitar techs hit home runs last night. Very proud of them,” Paisley captioned the photo.

The Dodgers were matched against the St. Louis Cardinals in the National League Wild Card Game. The nail-biter of a game ended with a 3-1 Dodgers walk-off. The reigning World Series champs will move on to the division series against the San Francisco Giants.

While Brad Paisley loves football, he’s previously said how much he loves baseball – a passion he’s had since he was a young child. The country singer also made it a point to tour MLB stadiums in years past.

Brad Paisley Takes a Dive With Sharks

Being the well-rounded individual he is, Brad Paisley’s hobbies expand far beyond music and sports. He recently took a dive with some pretty scary creatures.

During this summer’s “Shark Week”, Paisley and comedian JB Smoove filmed a special in Nassau while diving with some very large and intimidating sharks. However, despite being out of his element, Paisley loved the new adventure.

“First dive, it was like (being) thrown into the fire. We pulled up, and here’s 8-foot sharks going around this boat,” he said in an interview. “Every instinct in your body says, ‘This is not the time to get in.’” Paisley said.

Further, the country star also loved traveling with Smoove and said he couldn’t stop laughing through the entire experience.

“He has no off switch. He has one gear, and the gear is overdrive,” said Paisley. “It is idea after idea… He’s really a blast to be around. And I even told him, ‘We are totally blood brothers now,’ having been through two days of this.” 

Paisley loved his experience diving so much that the star is planning additional trips. Perhaps when he retires from country music, Paisley will transition to professional diver. Whatever he chooses to do, Paisley always has a positive attitude and welcomes adventure with open arms.