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Brad Paisley Offers Personal Bernie Sanders Meme: ‘Waitin’ On a Woman 2021 Edition’

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

The country superstar is the latest to join in on the Bernie Sanders meme craze, to fantastic results fans won’t want to miss.

If you’ve been on the internet in the past several days, then you’ve seen Bernie Sanders, his mittens, and his scowl everywhere. It’s no negative happening, either – as the memes cropping up in jest of the Vermont senator are an absolute joy.

His endlessly-meme-worthy photo comes courtesy of his appearance at the inauguration of 46th U.S. President Joe Biden.  As will forever live in infamy: Sanders showed up to the inaugural in a casual winter parka, a standard issue hospital mask, and the best damn knitted mittens this side of anywhere.

Now, Brad Paisley is the latest to superimpose Senator Bernie Sanders into his own setting. And it’s a doozy.

Waitin’ On A Woman Video – 2021 edition,” Paisley captions his spin on the meme, which you can see below. Within, the country megastar places the very cold and grumpy Sanders into his classic music video for Waitin’ On A Woman.

Brad Paisley Joins Reba McEntire & More on Bernie Sanders Meme

Seeing as Senator Bernie Sanders is the internet’s latest meme craze, it hasn’t taken long for some of the biggest names in entertainment to also catch on. Country music legend Reba McEntire is one of the latest of our favorites to do so alongside Paisley.

In doing so, McEntire pokes fun at her old sitcom “Reba” by adding a new face to the iconic set. And he’s all masked & mittened up & ready for a Vermont winter.

Check out Reba McEntire poking fun at herself, Sanders, and the “Reba” show cast here.

If you check out any other Bernie Sanders meme, however, make it Willie Robertson‘s. The Duck Dynasty star’s Buck Commander spin on the meme is also beyond priceless.

To view it, head on over to our Duck Dynasty’s Willie Robertson Puts Hilarious Twist on Viral Bernie Sanders Inauguration Day Meme next.

If it’s Brad Paisley you came for and not Bernie Sanders, however, then its high-time we rewatch the classic music video Paisley uses to meme the senator.

Brad Paisley’s Waitin’ On A Woman (2008)

Remember when Andy Griffith was in a Brad Paisley music video? Throwback to 2008 with us and relive what feels like a century ago. Without further ado: enjoy the official music video for Waitin’ On A Woman.

Brad Paisley’s official music video for ‘Waitin’ On A Woman’ featuring Andy Griffith.

Brad Paisley

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