Brad Paisley Practices Shooting His Bow with a Snowman in Hilarious Video

by Charles Craighill

All across middle America, winter storms have covered many states with ice and snow. For most Americans, that means hunkering down inside with some hot chocolate and Netflix (if they have power).

For Brad Paisley, however, that means target practice. In a hilarious video he posted to Instagram today, he whipped out his hunting bow and arrow in the sub-arctic temperatures.

“William tell can kiss my ice,” Brad Paisley said in his Instagram post. In the video, the William Tell Overture plays as Paisley grabs his bow. The country music icon (and apparent master marksman) proceeds to shoot an apple off of a snowman’s head. With pinpoint accuracy, I might add.

The song actually fits the video perfectly as the William Tell of the William Tell Overture was also a master marksman. According to Swiss folklore (not the Taylor Swift album), Tell assassinated a tyrannical Austrian ruler with his crossbow. So it seems that Brad Paisley knows his Swiss literature. A very cultured joke indeed from the country music marksman.

Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton Host the Grand Ole Opry Special

Just before the storms hit, Brad Paisley and Blake Shelton hosted the Grand Ole Opry 95 year anniversary special. The two have comedic chemistry unmatched by anyone else in the country music world. Hopefully, we will get to see more of that golden tag-team combo in the near future.

The special, which aired on Valentine’s day, featured performances from some of the biggest names in country music. For instance, Brad Paisley himself grabbed his guitar and played a tune or two. Other performances included  Kelsea BalleriniDierks BentleyGarth BrooksKane BrownLady ALittle Big TownOld Crow Medicine Show, and even Dolly Parton.

The Grand Ole Opry is a country music tradition like no other. The historic house of country music hosts the biggest names in country music year in and year out. Brad Paisley, believe it or not, actually became the youngest person to ever be inducted to the Grand Ole Opry back in 2001. He was 28 at the time.