Brad Paisley Releases ‘City of Music’ and it Paints the Perfect Picture for Aspiring Country Music Artists

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Michael Chang/ Getty Images)

Brad Paisley’s much-anticipated song ‘City of Music’ has been released, and it paints the perfect picture for up and coming artists. 

Yesterday afternoon, Brad Paisley took to Twitter to announce that ‘City of Music’ is ready to rock and roll…but in a country way. 

“New song is out, ‘City of Music,’ to those who chase their dreams and find themselves here in this town. Love it here. Hope you like the song.” 

As you probably have guessed, the City of Music refers to the lovely Music City of Nashville, Tennessee. You know, if you want to be an actress, you head to Hollywood. If you’re going to be a farmer, you are probably looking toward the Midwest, but if you want to be a country artist, Nashville is the place for you. 

Brad Paisley’s ‘City of Music’

Brad Paisley’s song perfectly describes what it is like for all these artists with starry eyes.  

‘City of Music’ begins with a talented girl from the town of Tyler, Texas, who decided to see just how good her voice was when she went to Nashville. Like most artists, demos don’t start flying out of her hand upon her arrival, so she is featured in shows along Broadway while working various jobs. 

Next, Brad Paisley jumps to a second-string athlete that has a growing love for playing the guitar. Troy Bolton, if you will. However, his high school love leaves him for his best friend. A tough scene. So, he also packs his bags and heads for the City of Music. 

So how are you successful? Easy. Brad Paisley says in the chorus, “Tell the truth, play some chords. Pay your dues and praise the Lord. Cadillacs, four by fours, it’s the City of Music. This ain’t no Big Apple or La La Land. Harlan drank right where you stand. Tell the bouncer you’re with the band. It’s the City of Music.” 

But what of our leading lady and gentleman? Well, he needed some new dirt stompers, so while picking out a new pair of boots, he met the “karaoke queen” and swooned her into a date that night. 

Naturally, since the two are artists, they collaborated and began creating music together. 

A modern-day love story. Although we don’t hear any more about what came of our two harmonious lovers, Brad Paisley gives one more set of advice for the bridge of the hit. 

“Sing it for the ghosts that came before you And play till your fingers hurt. Leave something that’ll ring out after in the rafters of the Mother Church.” 

Now, it is every artist, regardless of fame or genre, to play at The Ryman Auditorium, or as Brad Paisley calls it, Mother Church. 

Upcoming Tour

Also highly anticipated is Brad Paisley’s upcoming tour. Excited fans can FINALLY see the country music superstar on tour this summer. His first performance is in Las Vegas on June 25 and June 26. Check Paisley’s website for dates and locations of the rest of his 2021 tour.