Brad Paisley Reveals the Most Bizarre Place He’s Ever Performed

by Halle Ames

When you are just starting out in your music career, beggars can’t be choosy. Brad Paisley reveals the most bizarre play he has ever performed. Forget the money. It doesn’t get much worse than this.

In an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show, country star Brad Paisley said that he has a rocky start breaking into the industry.

Brad Paisley Reveals “The Test of All Tests on a Performer”

When you think of a bizarre location for a country band to play, you probably imagine a gross bar or high school dance, but it gets worse.

Paisley said the worst experience he has had performing came from an unlikely group– a restless pack of toddlers.

“I got booked to sing for toddlers at the library one afternoon, and I don’t recommend that for anybody,” he recalled. “You realize quickly that there isn’t any… unless you’re like Raffi or one of those people that really cater to that, there’s nothing in your arsenal that will work. That is the test of all tests on a performer.”

Paisley even jokes that the kids were not fond of his music.

“I think I got booed off the stage by, like, five-year-olds.”

The Town’s Entertainment

Although, one of the perks of growing up an artist in a small town is that you are a big fish in a little pond. Brad Paisley said this was the case for his Glen Dale, West Virginia town, noting that he was booked solid, even as a teenager.

Glad to see nothing has changed for the butter-voiced country star.

“When I was growing up, I did a lot of concerts in my hometown,” Brady Paisley humbly notes. “I was from a hometown of about 1200 people, and so I was booked solid. I was the teenager that they needed to sing at anything from Rotary Club luncheons to Lions Club meetings to mother-daughter banquets, anything, I was the entertainment.”

In fact, one of the performances for a Rotary Club had a happy ending. The program director of a radio station in Wheeling, West Virginia, was in attendance and booked his band. Brad Paisley & The C-Notes were to be guests on WWVA’s Jamboree USA.

The band was a hit and became part of the show’s weekly lineup for eight years. During that time,Brad Paisley worked with artists such as The Judds and George Jones. Furthermore, Paisley was inducted into the Jamboree USA Hall of Fame. He is the youngest artist to be awarded that honor.

Kelly Clarkson Shares Her Weirdest Performance

Similarly, Kelly Clarkson reveals to Brad Paisley her traumatic experience performing at a wrestling match when she was just 17.

“I had no idea what I was signing up for when I was like 17 years old. But somebody asked me to sing the national anthem, and I showed up, and it was like a wrestling match. I was like, ‘Alright.’ And so it was an unusual place for me to go and do it.”

Yeah, we can agree that both a library full of sugar and tear-filled screaming infants and a wrestling match with sweaty people probably are experiences that would be ingrained into our brain forever.

Regardless, the small concerts led to the larger ones, and both Kelly Clarkson and Brad Paisley are now selling out tours. In due time, everything works out the way it should!