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Brad Paisley Teams Up With Association of Zoos and Aquarium For Fundraiser

by Halle Ames
(Photo Credit: Robin Little/ Getty Images)

Brad Paisley is back again to help out the community, but this time his services go beyond just people.

Country artist Brad Paisley is showing his support for all types of furry and fishy friends with a fundraiser that supports the Association of Zoos and Aquariums. 

Since the start of the pandemic a year ago, many industries have felt a strain on their wallets. Between the lockdown and lowering attendance, it may be easy to focus on our own troubles. However, animals in aquariums and zoos still need constant care and attention. 

The North Carolina Aquarium reports that it has lost nearly a year’s worth of revenue due to the pandemic. That totals almost $12 million.

The Aquarium sent out a press release highlighting the financial struggles of running the center. 

“We still need to feed, care, and provide medical attention for our precious animals – every single day. Until we can reopen to 100% capacity, we will struggle financially. So, we are reaching out for your support with an exciting offer.”

Brad Paisley is For the Animals

This is where Brad Paisley steps in. 

Paisley and other artists are hosting an “All Together for Animals” concert that will go towards the North Carolina Aquariums, Jennette’s Pier, and the Miller Park Zoo. With the $30 purchase of a ticket, you will enjoy a members-only pass to the concert. 

The virtual fundraising event will also feature top talent in the music industry on March 31 at 7 p.m. Besides Brad Paisley, Old Dominion, Ashley McBryde, Riley Green, Jessie James Decker, Shy Carter, and others are donating their time for the performance. 

“Hi everyone, I’m Brad Paisley with an important message from the association of Zoos and Aquariums,” the country artist said in a promo video. “During the pandemic, zoos and aquariums had to shut down, but animals still need to be cared for and fed every day. This caused a billion dollars loss last year, so we need your help for a small donation, part of which directly benefits your local zoo and aquarium. You’ll see performances by me and my friends. The private one-hour benefit concert is going to air Wednesday, March 31, and I’ll see you then.”

Get Your Tickets!

If you wish to buy a ticket, you can go to “All Together For Animals” or aftontickets.com.

To donate to the Wishes for Fishes fund, please visit the North Carolina Aquarium Society website, or simply click HERE

Fish are friends, and they need our help! Please donate today.