Brad Paisley Teases ‘City of Music’ Lyric Video With Unique Features of Nashville in New Clip

by Amy Myers

Whatever happened to the days when we would watch masterly-crafted music videos the day they were released? Like mini-movies, they provide the backstory, context and sometimes just great film work while our new favorite song played. Thankfully, we’ll have a chance to fall in love with music videos again with the upcoming release of the lyric video for Brad Paisley’s new song, “City of Music.”

Brad Paisley’s New Song Tells of Big Dreams

Fans of the brown-eyed country star are well-familiar with his upbeat and optimistic hits. Songs like “Celebrity” and “American Saturday Night” are just two of Brad Paisley’s catchy tunes that bring a smile to any listener’s face. And, similar to his latest song, the words are honest and meaningful.

In “City of Music,” Paisley shares the stories of people who need a fresh start and a stage in Nashville, Tennessee—the real City of Music. After leaving crummy situations at home, they can all make new names for themselves on a record label.

“The karaoke queen of Tyler Texas outgrew her little pond
She packed up her car, took the Church Street exit
On half a tank of broken songs
Hit the ground runnin’ on Broadway
While she’s waitin’ on her dream to come true
Someone’s gotta tend the bars, someone’s gotta sell the boots
In the City of Music”

Along with the promise of escape, Brad Paisley also expresses his love for the city with lines like “This is hillbilly Holy land/ Old Hank drank right where you stand.”

Of course, we know that the country star is speaking from experience with his journey to Nashville, which makes the song that much more authentic—like the ballad for aspiring musicians fed-up with their hometowns.

Paisley Paints a Picture

Brad Paisley’s sneak preview of his song’s lyric video is more than just words on a screen. With the bright blue background, street signs and hand-drawn lettering, the video amplifies the emotions in the lyrics: excitement, uncertainty, and a sense of adventure. Just like that, Paisley’s song becomes a story.

The style of the lyric video actually speaks to Paisley’s process as a songwriter. In fact, the country star even defines himself as a “visual” writer.

“My idea of country music is always about the pictures it paints for you… ‘Hotel California’ is a good example. I don’t know totally what that’s about, but you know, ‘On a dark desert highway’… you know, it’s just…you see everything they’re sayin.”

With Paisley’s writing process in mind, it’s clear that the star is more a musical storyteller than anything else. And with his new song “City of Music,” he once again tells a story that many—if not all—of his fans can relate to in some way.