Brad Paisley Teases New Song ‘City of Music’ Coming Out on Friday with Sneak-Peek Video

by Madison Miller

Brad Paisley fans are gearing up for a very exciting new music Friday this week.

He leaked the news to his fans over on TikTok first with a short clip of him singing the unreleased tune. He captioned the video, “New song coming Friday. It’s called City of Music.” Paisley then shared the clip on Twitter as well.


New song coming Friday. It’s called City of Music. #country #countrymusic #newsong

♬ original sound – Brad Paisley

“Tell the bouncer, you’re with the band, it’s the City of Music,” he sings near the end of the clip before going off on a little guitar strumming session.

Fans on TikTok seem excited to hear the sneak-peek before getting the full thing on Friday. One person wrote, “Love it so far!! Can’t wait to hear the whole song!! Thank you!!”

Fans are excited to get to hear a snippet of new music from the three-time Grammy-winning artist, 14-time Academy of Country Music award-winner, and two-time American Music Award-winner.

Also highly anticipated is the opportunity for fans to finally get to see Brad Paisley face-to-face since he’s going on tour this summer. His first event is at the Encore Theater at the Wynn in Las Vegas on June 25 and June 26.

After that he’s headed to Oklahoma, Florida, Minnesota, and several other states.

Brad Paisley Latest New Song

Before announcing the release of “City of Music,” Paisley had shared his song “Off Road” with the world in February. It kicked off an exciting 2021 for the popular country artist.

The song also has a very empowering and feminist message behind it. “Off Road” tells the story of a woman as she moves all the way across the country in order to follow her dreams and live her life according to her own plans.

“She’s a little off road / Gravel dust on her halo / I think you oughta know, if you want to ride along, just hang on / Where she’s going ain’t paved / She ain’t looking for a highway / She ain’t gonna stay in her lane / ’Cause she’s a little off road.”

Brad Paisley said he’s been spending a lot of time in the studio. This means that “Off Road” and “City of Music” won’t be the only two songs we hear in 2021.

“There’s a song called ’Off Road’ that’s about every girl that won’t stay in her lane, every girl that busts through roadblocks to get where she wants to go. You know who you are, I hope you love it,” Paisley wrote on Instagram.