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Brandi Carlile to Release First Memoir in Spring 2021

by Jon D. B.
(Photo by Erika Goldring/Getty Images for Americana Music Association)

Brandi Carlile has her first-ever memoir on the way. The book, Broken Horses, will touch on all aspects of her life leading up to the present.

Folk, country-rock sensation Brandi Carlile & Random House Publishing Group’s Crown are announcing Carlile’s first memoir today. Speaking with Rolling Stone, the singer/songwriter says the book is “not a memoir, per se,” but will touch on her life’s work.

Broken Horses will begin with Carlile’s childhood, including her decision to drop out of high school to pursue a music career. In addition, the Washington State native says she’s covering everything forward from there. As a 39-year-old multi-Grammy-winning-singer/songwriter, she’s got some amazing ground to cover, too.

“It is about the way certain profound experiences of my life have led to me creating important art for myself,” Carlile tells Rolling Stone. “So, it’ll be like this experience, the catharsis and then the songs, the handful of songs that came from that experience.”

Broken Horses Creates New Music From Brandi Carlile

Just as exciting, however, is the news that Brandi is working on a new album. As one of the most unique and powerful writers in the industry, this comes as music to all ears. Carlile says that this batch of songs stems from her book-writing process.

“A lot of what I’m writing about in the book is causing all these little songs to come out. It’s been a lot like [2018’s] By the Way, I Forgive You. Like, maybe I just wasn’t quite done with that,” she says.

If you’re less familiar with Brandi Carlile, Broken Horses may be the perfect way to catch up. A brilliant songwriter, vocalist, and musician, Carlile has strong roots in Americana & Folk music. Touching on everything from rock to bluegrass to country in between, she’s become one of the most versatile and respected workers in the business today.

Working alongside collaborators (and twin brothers) Phil & Tim Hanseroth since the very beginning, the three were signed to Columbia Records together back in 2004. Since then, they’ve put out six studio albums together. Carlile also plays, records, and tours with her acclaimed band, the Highwomen.

Both through her music and life, she is a powerful advocate and ally of human rights causes. Specifically, LGBTQ+ rights are of great importance to her and her family.

Broken Horses hits shelves April 6, 2021 in hardcover and digital formats. Carlile is narrating the audio book herself, as well.