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Brandi Carlile Turned ‘SNL’ Performance Dream Into Reality: VIDEO

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images)

Over the years Saturday Night Live has been the host of many great performances. Brandi Carlile has envisioned her time on stage at SNL. Now, it’s become reality with her performance last night on the storied late-night comedy show.

Carlile’s latest studio album, In These Silent Days, was recently released. This is her seventh studio album and her first since 2018. While those who don’t pay attention would think she was an older act, her success has grown with each new release. Her latest album has already topped the US Rock and Folk charts and reached #11 overall.

Watch Brandi Carlile rock the stage and fulfill her dream at 30 Rockefeller Plaza.

It is always so hard to define an artist like Carlile. She can rock out on stage with Pearl Jam or a country tune. She has a talent for writing lyrics and keeping her sound unique and interesting. That’s why 15 years after her debut album, she is still topping the charts.

Brandi Carlile relished in the moment. Before the show, she shared a post from three years ago. She had just performed on Seth Meyer’s show and was looking for the bathroom.

“On a recent trip to NYC when I was lucky enough to perform on @latenightseth I wandered accidentally into the SNL studio looking for the bathroom,” her 2018 post read. “I saw the stage and it took my breath away… I don’t know why but I’ve always seen it as a definitive ‘ok now you’re a rockstar’ moment in a person’s musical life…I just HAD to grab a pic on the iconic Saturday Night Live stage. ONE DAY we’ll get there man! Dreams come true every day.”

That’s right, dreams do come true every day, just like hers did last night.

Brandi Carlile On ‘SNL’ Performance

Since Brandi Carlile started her music career, a performance on SNL has been on her bucket list. That is about two decades of patience and waiting. Now that she has accomplished this, what is next for the six-time Grammy winner? Whatever it is, she’s probably going to be very successful at it.

When talking about the chance to play her dream gig, Carlile talked about the emotions she felt when she wasn’t picked in the past.

“Every time an album comes out and I don’t get to do Saturday Night Live, I’m always so sad. But here I am, right? And I can’t imagine a better time to play it. I feel really, really ready. I feel like I have the right songs, the right amount of confidence, the right amount of chill, like I can do this without freaking out and screwing it up like I would’ve in my twenties.”

So perhaps waiting all these years is just what Brandi Carlile needed.