Brandon Davis Best TikToks: The Country Music Singer’s Most Viral Moments

by Lauren Boisvert

Country music rising star Brandon Davis got his start on TikTok after feeling like his dreams were unattainable. His wife recorded him singing, posted it to the app, and his video blew up, with people requesting to hear his original music. Now, he has a debut album, and is on tour with Tim McGraw. What more could a guy ask for?

Now, since he got his start on TikTok, it’s only fair that we catalog some of Brandon Davis’ most viral moments on the app.

Quick Facts About Brandon Davis

  • Brandon Davis got his start when his wife made a TikTok video of him singing in the car; from there people requested to hear his original music
  • He has a debut album out now, titled “Hearts Don’t Rust”
  • Currently Davis is still on his Step By Step Tour, with dates going into early April; he will also be on the McGraw Tour 2022 with Tim McGraw, Russell Dickerson, and Alexandra Kay starting late April

He Wrote a Special Song for His Step-Kids

A big part of Brandon Davis’ life are his four kids, two of which are his wife’s children from a previous relationship. He wrote the song “Step By Step” for his step-kids, and for all the step-parents, adoptive parents, and foster parents out there. In a video that got 460.6k likes, Davis played the final cut of the song for his wife for the first time. Davis sings along, and his wife breaks down in tears at hearing the special song.

“‘Cause it ain’t my blood or DNA / that made that precious child / but it don’t take rocket science to figure out / they’re my life,” he sings on “Step By Step.”

It’s a beautiful tribute to unconventional families, acceptance, and pure love. In the video, Davis wrote that his wife’s biggest fear was that she wouldn’t find someone who loved her kids as much as she did; but, with this song, it looks like she found that in Davis.

@brandondavis_music Warms my heart seeing people relate to my song ! Keep those videos coming. #stepbystep #singlemom #stepdad #adopt ♬ original sound – Brandon Davis

In another video about “Step By Step,” Davis’ wife holds the camera, capturing a moment with Davis holding his step-son, grilling, and singing his song. “These two have an unbreakable bond,” the caption reads. “B was only 10 months when they met.”

He Does Covers, Too

In a video that got 53K likes, Brandon Davis answered a song request from a fan. They asked if he could play “Almost Home” by Craig Morgan, and Davis delivered. Standing in what looks like his kitchen, Davis strums a guitar and belts Morgan’s 2002 hit.

The wistful song is about someone coming upon a homeless man outside in the winter weather. The speaker offers to take him somewhere warm. But the man replies with a series of lovely memories of climbing down from trees, swimming in Calico Creek, and seeing his father loading up the truck with fishing poles. He replies, “I was almost home,” and says, “If you’d left me alone / right now I’d be fishin’.”

@brandondavis_music Reply to @chandra.hall2019 #foryou #foryoupage #BehindTheSong #dadsoftiktok #countrymusic ♬ original sound – Brandon Davis

Taking Song Requests at Walmart

In a video while he was out and about at a Walmart, Brandon Davis took some song requests from a good-natured police officer. The cop was a good sport, and named three big-time artists for Davis to briefly cover.

First, Alan Jackson, and Davis sang “Don’t Rock the Jukebox.” Next, he sang “Carried Away” by George Strait, and “My Best Friend” by Tim McGraw. It definitely pays to know your country songs, as Davis sang all three of them on the spot.

@brandondavis_music Taking requests at Walmart! Shout out to @tacticalrabbit12 for being a good sport! #requests #police #country #singer #songwriter #foryou #foryourpage ♬ original sound – Brandon Davis

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