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Brantley Gilbert Releases ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’ Dedicated To the 13 Americans Killed in Afghanistan Attack

by Clayton Edwards
(Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

 On August 26th, two suicide bombers attacked the airport in Kabul, Afghanistan, and killed several. Thirteen US service members were among the fallen. The attack shook that American population. In response, Brantley Gilbert posted “Gone But Not Forgotten,” on his Instagram two days later. He hoped to harness the healing power of music with his never-before-recorded song. However, he had no idea how much it would resonate with his fans.

Soon, Brantley Gilbert’s fans were reaching out to him asking him to give the song a proper release. They felt that the song was a fitting tribute to their loved ones who had passed on. So, Gilbert gave the fans what they wanted. He officially released “Gone But Not Forgotten,” today. Check out the lyric video below:

According to a press release, Brantley Gilbert opened up about the song and his fans’ response to it. “We shared the song thinking some folks might find healing. It touched more lives than we ever could have imagined.”

However, he hopes that with a wider release, the song can do more good.  “Now that the song is released,” Gilbert said, “I hope it helps to ease some of the pain and heartbreak for more folks out there that could use it.”

Brantley Gilbert Pays Tribute to America’s Heroes

Brantley Gilbert co-penned “Gone But Not Forgotten,” with Brock Berryhill, Jason Blaine, and Jay Brunswick back in 2018. When they put their heads together to write the song, they had one goal in mind. They wanted to honor first responders, military members, and all those who serve and protect the American people.

The official release and lyric video are just the beginning for this song. Brantley Gilbert plans to release an official music video that highlights the importance of supporting our military.

Gilbert has a long history of supporting the troops. As a result, many veterans have gifted him with medals, ribbons, and challenge coins over the years. This song is just one more way to give back to them.

Now, let’s take a closer look at “Gone But Not Forgotten.”

Brantley Gilbert starts “Gone But Not Forgotten,” by looking back at all those things that we lose but never forget. Things like our first love, first trucks, and our youth. However, with each verse, Gilbert dives deeper into more painful losses.

In the second verse, things get heavier as Gilbert touches on those white crosses on the side of the highway. “In memory of the ones we love/ and lost that got to fly away / reminders of the ‘good-die-youngs’/ all over this ole town.”  

With the song’s final verse, Brantley Gilbert addresses military members who served and either didn’t make it home or came home with invisible wounds.

Here’s to all the ‘some-gave-alls’ / The ones that done come home / The ones that do those 22 / That died fightin’ the same damn war.”