Brantley Gilbert’s New Song ‘Gone But Not Forgotten’ Honors Fallen Soldiers in Afghanistan

by Thad Mitchell

Country music superstar Brantley Gilbert has a brand new song out that is already gaining a lot of popularity because of its subject matter.

Brantley Gilbert’s “Gone But Not Forgotten” pays tribute to United States servicemen and women who recently lost their lives in Afghanistan. Gilbert debuted the song on social media just a few days ago and it truly hits home to country music fans. At 36-years-old, Brantley Gilbert has been a big draw in the world of country music since breaking into the industry in 2005. He’s put out five studio albums during this time and has numerous awards as his star is certainly on the rise.

Brantley Gilbert released his latest song via social media on Sunday to the delight of country music fans. The song seems to have really hit home for some fans as the situation overseas continues to worsen. Gilbert says he often “turns to music” in difficult times and hopes fans will find a little comfort through his song.

“13 brave American heroes made the ultimate sacrifice for freedom this week. In hard times like this, I always find myself turning to music. I wrote this song a while back as a tribute to all of the folks we’ve lost, both overseas and in our own communities here at home,” Brantley Gilbert says in the post. “Wanted to share it with y’all in hopes it might resonate with someone who needs to hear it right now.”

Brantley Gilbert Fans Chime In On New Song

Numerous country music fans replied to Brantley Gilbert’s social media post, thanking him for the kind words. Several listeners also say he should release the song as soon as possible due to its touching words and healing strength.

“Thank you Sir for remembering my friends, my Brothers and Sisters in Arms we’ve lost – ‘Gone but not Forgotten,'” a fan writes in the comments.

“My heart is broken this week,” another fan says. “I am forever thankful for their sacrifice. Thank you for sharing this son with us.”

Brantley Gilbert has long been a major supporter of the United States armed forces. Several of the country star’s family, including his grandfather and uncles, have spent time in the military. In an interview from earlier this year, he talks about why supporting the military is important to him.

“Servicemen and servicewomen are heroes, and I believe the families they leave behind in order to serve are the unsung heroes,” he says. “They’re also making sacrifices to ensure our health and safety. I wanted to make sure they knew that we appreciate them just as much as we appreciate those in the uniform.”

Since its release a couple of days ago, Brantley Gilbert’s social media clip has had nearly 80,000 views.