Brantley Gilbert Shows Off ‘Hillbilly Hand-Fishing’ Skills in Awesome New Video

by Thad Mitchell

Country music superstar Brantley Gilbert is living the good life and recently took time away from his hectic schedule to do a little fishing.

Brantley Gilbert is not what you would call a “traditional” fisherman by any stretch of the imagination. Most fishermen are able to obtain their biggest catches by using a rod, reel and also appropriate bait. But Gilbert prefers another method of bringing aboard a big fish — using his bare hands. Gilbert has gotten rather good at “hand fishing” and can often be found in the water searching for his next big catch. In a recent social media video, Gilbert Brantley shares his fishing techniques with his robust and growing fan base. The video was also a smash hit among country music fans who gave the fishing clip a lot of attention.

“A few of y’all seemed to really dig my first hillbilly hand-fishing post,” he says in the Tuesday post’s caption space. “So we put together a full recap of our day with Hannah Barron and Jeff Barron. Y’all check it out on my YouTube channel.”

The YouTube video Brantley Gilbert is referencing can be found here. The two-minute clip shows the country and star and his friends out for a nice day of fishing. The video also starts out in the pitch black of early morning with Gilbert explaining what is about to take place.

“I’m going to stick my hand in a hole and get bit by a catfish,” he says as the video begins. “Then I’m going to whip his a** and throw him in the boat.”

Brantley Gilbert Shows off ‘Hand-Fishing’ Skills

Well said, Brantley Gilbert, as he explains the finer points of the sport of hand fishing for large catfish. The group sure seems to be having fun on the boat and also in the water. Gilbert can be seen early in the clip, dunking his head underwater in search of a nice-sized fish to haul in. The group pulls in a nice haul of catfish as Brantley Gilbert reveals their activity is taking place in Alabama.

Brantley Gilbert also posted a “noodling” video just a couple of days ago. The country music star sure seems to b enjoying himself as he plunges into the water after his catch of the day.

“Wait for it,” he writes in the caption. “Had some fun noodling out in the water this week with Jeff Barron and Hannah Barron.”

The 36-year-old Brantley Gilbert started off in the music industry in 2005 and has become quite popular among country fans. During his music career, he’s had four single reach top billing on various Country Music Charts. He is also known for co-writing the Jason Aldean hit “My Kinda Party.”