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Brantley Gilbert Teases ‘Something New’ Is on the Way

by Maggie Schneider
(Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

Country rocker Brantley Gilbert is teasing his fans on social media. It sounds like new music is on the way.

Brantley Gilbert is staying busy. From writing tunes to playing shows, the rocker never seems to slow down. In a new Twitter post, he is teasing fans with yet another upcoming announcement. A montage of pictures shows Gilbert singing and practicing with his full band in a rehearsal space. Could this mean that a new tour is in the works? Or could it be new music, or a new video?

“Can’t tell y’all how excited we are to bring something new to y’all very soon,” Gilbert captions the post. Fans are telling the star that they cannot wait for the news to drop.

Back in November, the country star released his latest single, “How To Talk To Girls.” The ballad is about the most important women in Gilbert’s life: his wife and his daughter. The lyrics talk about proposing to his wife, finding out that he was going to be a father, and doing his best to become a better man because of his family. It is a deep song that the singer is proud of.

“This angel hangs on every word I say
She’s gettin’ so much more from me than my last name
Everything and just like her momma
She’s got me at a loss for words
Yeah, I guess I’m still learnin’
How to talk to girlsYeah, I guess I’m still learnin’
How to talk to girls”

Listen to the singer’s most recent single below.

Brantley Gilbert’s Songwriting Process

All musicians seem to have a different songwriting process that works for them. For Brantley Gilbert, most of his songs begin out of a conversation. “How To Talk To Girls” was created in just this way.

 “Some of the best songs I’ve ever written have just come out of a conversation,” he tells PEOPLE. And that’s exactly what happened. I was just talking about how I have trouble telling my little girl, ‘No.’ I let her get away with murder!”

He is in awe of his daughter Braylen. He says it is hard to put into words his devotion to her as a dad.

“As a songwriter, it’s hard to write a song about your kids, because none of the words are good enough. You could always find a way to say it better.”

All in all, the song is about how Gilbert is still learning to be a better man. He feels lucky to have his girls in his corner, and continues to try and grow within all of his relationships.

“I have a bad habit of thinking that I know everything, but being married and having kids showed me that I didn’t have as much figured out as I thought. Especially when it comes to girls like my wife and daughter, I feel like those relationships are always evolving and changing. It’s pretty tough for a dad sometimes.”