Breland Doesn’t Think He’s Tom Brady, But Is Still Ready To Prove Everyone Wrong

by Amy Myers

Breland has a clear path ahead of him, and nothing is going to stop him from reaching the top. As a singer-songwriter climbing his way to the top of music charts, he had to face a lot of doubt and rejection. Through it all, though, he maintained his dream of “going cross country.”

As the 26-year-old mentions in some of his most popular songs, he found that he didn’t quite fit into any one category, so he created one of his own and is now a trailblazer for country-trap music.

Of course, the country-trap artist’s success didn’t happen overnight. He explained that his first hit single, “My Truck,” hit Billboard spot No. 92 in 2020, was the result of years of hard work. However, fans don’t tend to see all of the effort behind the music at first. Stopping by Outsider Studios, the artist explained that he resonated with Tom Brady’s experience and the energy the NFL star emitted from the moment he began his professional career.

“So, to them, I don’t want to say that I’m Tom Brady, but I will say that a lot of people doubted Tom Brady when he came into the NFL,” Breland explained. “And he has literally proven everyone wrong.”

Listen to the conversation with “The Pen Point Guard” in the clip below.

In another one of Breland’s most popular songs, “Cross Country,” he further explains this feeling of achieving his dreams against all odds:

I’m going cross country
Know they might judge me
I ain’t gotta prove them wrong
Cause I know it’s okay
To be in my own lane

Breland Feels He Will ‘Inevitably Prove a Lot of People Wrong’ as He Continues Music Career

As Breland pointed out in his interview with Outsider, his story is not unlike that of the NFL quarterback with seven Super Bowl wins. Like Breland, Tom Brady had to prove all of his naysayers wrong once the Patriots picked the rookie from the University of Michigan back in 2000. The future MVP quickly changed public opinion, bringing home the first Vince Lombardi trophy of his career just two years later.

“I feel like no one really knows what someone is capable of,” Breland shared.

He continued, “I don’t have to prove them wrong. I don’t do it to prove them wrong, but I know that I will inevitably prove a lot of people wrong in the process, so long as I stay focused on what it is that I set out to do.”

Besides breaking the US Hits Top 100, the young artist has worked with country legends like Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley and Sam Hunt. On top of this, he continues to produce hit singles that blend together two vastly different genres in a unique and groundbreaking manner.

Suffice to say, to us at Outsider, Breland’s already proved everyone wrong.