Breland on His First CMT Music Awards Nomination: ‘I Was Immediately Sobbing’

by Samantha Whidden

Following the news that he received his first CMT Music Awards nomination, Breland opens up about his reaction to the announcement. 

While chatting with People earlier this week, Ireland admitted that he was at a loss for words or thoughts when he heard about the CMT Music Award nomination. “I don’t even know what to think! I got the news and I was immediately sobbing and I was such a wreck. I’m just truly, incredibly grateful to be nominated for this.”

Breland further revealed that he has had a lot of great opportunities. But as a new artist, he didn’t think he would be nominated for anything this early on in his career. “I don’t take it for granted at all.”

Also speaking about his parents’ reaction to the CMT Awards nomination, Breland said they were the first people he called. They cried as well. “They’ve been here since obviously literally day one. And they’re musicians themselves. They have always been such a big supporter of what I’m doing. And now that we’re starting to see some of the dividends that that hard work is paying, I just like I owe it to them to make sure that they’re the first ones to know. Because they’re my biggest support.”

Breland has been nominated for three awards. They are Breakthrough Video of the Year for Cross Country; CMT Awards Performance of the Year twice. The first one is with Mickey Guton and Gladys Knight on Friendship Train. The second one is with Nelly, Kane Brown, and Blanco Brown for Ride Wit Me.

Breland Revealed More Details About The Music Video For His Single ‘Cross Country’ 

During a March 2021 interview with People, Breland spoke about the meaning behind the music album for Cross Country. “I’ve always been obsessed with the butterfly effect and seeing what one small decision can turn into. My career is largely the result of small decisions that turned into big outcomes. It’s definitely all a part of how I got here.”

Breland further stated that when it comes to his music, it is important for him to be able to tell all of his story. “Storytelling is one of the things that drew me to country music in the first place. It gives people a platform to share what they ahem been through and how they got here.”

While continuing to discuss his career of collaboration with various artists from various music genres, including Keith Urban and Justin Bieber, Breland described himself as a try anything once type of person. “And that’s what essentially made me want to release My Trust. I was like, ‘We might as well try it.’”

In regards to his song choices, Breland added, “I have chosen to make decisions that people did not always understand. One of them putting out a song like My Truck after writing R&B and hip hop for years. It’s not a decision most people would have made, But I wouldn’t be in this position if I didn’t.”