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Breland ‘My Truck’: Lyrics, Story Behind His 2020 Debut Single

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for ACM)

“My Truck” singer and CMT Award nominee Breland is a unique figure in country music; his music recalls Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road,” which blew up in 2019 thanks to a collab with Billy Ray Cyrus. But Breland takes that aesthetic to a new and different level. His image is toned down in comparison, but his music is a delightfully fun blend of country and hip hop. Breland is dedicated to the image and the sound, and executes it well. His 2020 single, “My Truck,” calls to mind a mix of new-age country with 80s and 90s hip hop.

Specs for ‘My Truck’

Best Line: “Wood grain dash with the matte black finish / And it match my shawty with the big ol’ butt”
Release Date: 2020
Written by: Breland
Produced by: Troy Taylor, Kal V

Do What You Want to Me, But Back Off My Truck

“My Truck” is a simple, straightforward song, but it resonates. It’s a different kind of country song, something new and exciting and off-the-wall. It breaks with the conventions and conservatisms of country music, and tells us a story that we haven’t really heard before. I mean, we’ve all heard a country song about a truck, but Breland’s paints us a much more interesting picture. By marrying country and hip hop, we get all sides of similar coins.

Breland has decided to take the country music genre and say something with it. Music gives him a platform, and country music is decidedly homologous; in Breland’s words, it’s a lot of “white guys over 40.”

“My Truck” breaks from the platform and just gives us a fun song to listen to in the car. It’s about everything that country music is usually about – trucks, ladies, muddin’, and drinkin’ – but there’s also a sense of a merging of cultures. Breland puts a lot of stock into the crossroads that he stands at in his career: being Black in America, and being in country music. Those are two elements that usually do not mix. But, we’ve seen a lot more young Black country artists than ever before. Black and female country artists are the backbone of this society, and they should be getting the recognition they deserve.

The Story Behind ‘My Truck’

After the success of “Old Town Road,” and “The Git Up” by Blanco Brown, Breland wrote a country song just for fun. The New Jersey resident spoke to The Boot in 2021 about how he created the viral song.

“I approach every song the same way,” he said, “regardless of genre, which is: What is this song about, and how do we then build a story and tell that story effectively around whatever that concept is.”

He continued, “There’s nothing that truck owners feel more passionately about than their trucks […] we just built somewhat of a comedic premise of that chorus of all these things that you wouldn’t want someone to do, but that you would rather them do than touch their truck, obviously with calling my lady and taking my money and all these things that, in and of themselves, are very negative, but when it comes to the truck, it just puts them in perspective.”

Breland then spoke about why he makes country music at all, and “My Truck” had a lot to do with it. “After making ‘My Truck’,” he said, “it helped me have a purpose to what I was creating and why. Right now, that purpose is really built around bringing people into country music, helping to redefine what country music can be, what it can sound like, what it can look like, and erase some of the stigmas that currently exist around it so that it can be a more inclusive space.”