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Breland Returns to the Grand Ole Opry for His Second Appearance

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Rich Fury/Getty Images for ACM)

For the second time ever, Breland made an appearance at the Grand Ole Opry and he played with another country music icon. As one of the bright young stars in mainstream country music, Breland is always making the rounds. He first played the Opry with Keith Urban… this time it was none other than Deana Carter.

Returning to the Opry

  • Breland made another apperaance at the Grand Ole Opry, his second ever
  • His first appearnce was last fall on November 5, 2021
  • Deana Carter was also at the Opry for a special duet with Breland

It’s always a good night to be at the Opry. However, tonight would have been a really good night to be at country music’s most historic stage. Of course, they had to give Breland a shoutout over on Twitter and congratulate him on making his second showing at the venue.

He has worked with some of the most popular acts in country music already. That includes Keith Urban, Dierks Bentley, HARDY, and many others. Breland didn’t just perform alone at the Grand Ole Opry, either. The 26-year-old joined Deana Carter on stage for a special rendition of Strawberry Wine. That is quite an honor for the young singer.

Breland is having a bit of a moment right now. That should continue when he is featured in a new Amazon documentary about Black artists in country music. The doc is set to premiere on April 7 and is titled For Love & Country. He was nominated for his first CMT Music Award and should have more music on the way in 2022. Not to mention all the shows on tour, festivals in the summer, and more that he will surely be playing this year.

It was his unique style and sound that got him to the Opry the first time, and it’s why he will likely have many more performances on the Grand Ole stage.

Breland Made the Grand Ole Opry with His Own Sound

If you want to get an idea of what Breland thanks about what music he is doing, take it from the man himself. He doesn’t care about preconceptions and traditions, he makes country music in his own way.

“I approach every song the same way,” the singer said to The Boot in 2021. “Regardless of genre, which is: What is this song about, and how do we then build a story and tell that story effectively around whatever that concept is.”

“After making ‘My Truck,'” the singer went on. “it helped me have a purpose to what I was creating and why. Right now, that purpose is really built around bringing people into country music, helping redefine what country music can be, what it can sound like, what it can look like, and erase some of the stigmas that currently exist around it so that it can be a more inclusive space.”

Breland is always going to be honest with his music and his art.