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Bret Michaels Gives Major Health Update While Celebrating 60th Birthday

by Samantha Whidden
Bret Michaels
(Photo by Scott Dudelson/Getty Images for Stagecoach)

While celebrating his 60th birthday, rock music legend Bret Michaels gave fans a major update about his health.

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During his recent interview with USA Today, Michaels reflected on the previous health struggles he’s been through over the past six decades. The musician has notably been living with Type 1 diabetes since he was a child. He also suffered a brain hemorrhage in 2010 as well as heart repair surgery in 2011 and kidney surgery in 2014. 

When asked how he continues to monitor his health, Bret Michaels said, “I know this is the opposite of what you’d think from a rocker, but I love the morning. If I’m off the road, I’ll get up first thing in the morning on the ranch [in Arizona], check my blood sugar, take my insulin, hang out with my family.”

Michaels also said that he loves to go out on his mountain to get some exercise as well. “ I need to kick out the rust and the dust. I like having a good time, but I don’t fool myself.”

While revealing what bums him out about turning 60, Michaels was pretty optimistic about the new decade. “I am grateful to be on this crazy roller coaster ride,” he declared. “And to be here with some of my good decisions and some of my less-than-reputable decisions.”

However, the rocker admitted that he has to be honest about celebrating his 60th birthday. “When people ask I say, No. 1, what is my alternative? The alternative is not good. And two, I get no choice in the matter. My choice will be how I deal with it. No one says, ‘Man, I want to be old.’ I feel blessed that I got to get old because I know so many of my friends never got the chance. I live also for them.”

Bret Michaels Says He’s More ‘Passionate and Excited’ Than Ever

Meanwhile, Bret Michaels spoke about how his life is going as he celebrates his birthday. “I feel more passionate and just as excited as ever,” he declared. The Poison frontman also said that he pulled out pictures of him and his sister Nicole on a motorcycle as kids and he feels he hasn’t changed. 

“It’s like me riding my wheelie during The Stadium Tour,” Michaels continued. “I feel more energetic and grateful. With all of the crazy diabetes and the brain hemorrhage, I’ve been through a lot of adversity and I’m still here.”

In regards to the modifications he has made to his lifestyle, Bret Michaels went on to add that it’s all about adapting. “I adapt and change with what my body can do. There is no magic pill. I am like a true muscle car – still fast, still fun to ride, but I just need a little more maintenance.”