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Video: Brett Eldredge Records Stripped-Down, In-Studio Version of ‘When I Die’

by Outsider
(Photo by C Brandon/Redferns)

Brett Eldredge took to YouTube with a gorgeous, stripped-down performance of one of his latest songs.

Eldredge tore into a heartrending version of “When I Die” during the third installment of his “Live at Royal Plum” music series. Created during quarantine and recorded at producer Daniel Tashian’s home studio, this is a new studio performance of the tune.

Eldredge recently spoke to Rolling Stone about the process that went into bringing the song to life once more, albeit in a different manner.

“I remember sitting in Daniel’s studio and it was so organic, so different from anything I’ve done, and I was out of my comfort zone,” Eldredge said. “It was so powerful and profound, I knew I needed to chase it down. We kept writing and it started connecting. We were making these demos in Daniel’s garage studio and it was just me and those two playing — one-take vocals most of the time on a raw microphone. All in the same room, and it was so real. I had never heard myself like this — and this is the way I need to hear myself.”

Brett Eldredge strips his music all the way down

For those who are fans of Eldredge’s typical work, this song is a much more raw portrait of the artist and the lyrics in general.

Eldredge ruminated a bit on how this version of the song came together. He focused on how he’d feel if today really was someone’s “last day” living.

“It got me thinking: If I just continue to chase and get caught up in all the little things, you never actually live at all. You start to look at the fact that all you get to leave behind is your stories and the people that you loved.”

Listening to Brett Eldredge’s sincere new cut of the song may very well change how you think of him. Grab some tissues. There’s a lot of thinking you’ll want to do after listening.

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