Brett Eldredge Remembers Trying to Impress the Girls on the 4th of July With ‘360s on Your Jet Ski’

by Madison Miller

This Fourth of July today is set to be one of the busiest travel periods since the COVID-19 pandemic began.

People are setting out to reunite and enjoy time face-to-face with people once again. According to CNN, there will be 43.6 million people packing the car for a road trip this weekend. Vacation hot spots will be packed as people enjoy the hot July weather and summertime festivities.

Brett Eldredge is also in on the Fourth of July fun this year.

The “Sunday Drive” singer is spending the weekend out in nature, which is one of his favorite childhood memories.

“I grew up on a lake and the fourth of July was always the best time to be out boating and jet skiing and water skiing. I loved water skiing growing up so that was like my favorite day of the year all your friends would be out there riding around on jet skis and the pretty girls would be on the beach and you’d be trying to do like 360’s on your jet ski to impress them, I’m still trying to do that. That’s still my favorite holiday…Fourth of July is the best,” Brett Eldredge said via Warner Music Nashville.

Brett Eldredge seems to be happy about slowly getting life back to normal.

Something else he’s eager to get back into is life on the road, performing his popular hits in front of thousands of fans.

Brett Eldredge Back on the Road

He is embarking on “The Good Day” tour starting in September of this year. The tour will start in Cleveland, Ohio, on September 16 and Eldredge will touch down in 21 U.S. tour spots. Morgan Evans is his opener for the tour.

“The Good Day Tour will by far be the most appreciative and grateful experience of my career because I miss playing music so much … The Good Day Tour is going to bring a lot of joy to people, and one of those especially being me, because I cannot wait. We’re gonna show the world what it feels like to be alive again, and I’m gonna kiss that stage when I walk on it every night, because there’s nothing like it and I’ll never let it go,” Brett Eldredge said, according to Taste of Country.

Eldredge will also go on tour in Europe in May of 2022.

The singer’s newest album was “Sunday Drive,” released in 2020. He spent three long years working on the highly anticipated album, only for it to come out right at the same time as when the pandemic was at its worst. The songs from the album will finally get a spot on the stage, live and authentic.

One of his most popular songs was “Good Day,” an optimistic tune for a really dark period in many people’s lives. “I decided I need to change the narrative and rewire the way I think a little bit. So, when I wake up, I’m thinking I’m gonna put my best foot forward and have a good day. … It doesn’t mean it’s gonna be magic. It doesn’t mean everything’s gonna go right. But at least I’m setting my intention for a good day,” Brett Eldredge said to People.