Brett Young Introduces Newborn Daughter With Heartwarming Pics, Message: ‘You’re the Luckiest Lady Alive’

by Shelby Scott

Brett Young welcomed his second-born on July 21st. And now, he has shared the sweetest Instagram post in tribute to his newest little girl. The “Lady” singer shared a photo of newborn daughter Rowan Marie Young swaddled in a white wrap.

The wrap hides behind a rather large, yet simple pink bow. “The women in your life are superheroes,” he wrote, “and you are the luckiest lady alive.” As Young is a dedicated father to firstborn daughter, Presley Elizabeth Young, and through his lyrics in “Lady” a loving and dedicated husband, we can’t help but agree.

Young continued the heartwarming post. He highlights all the things he looks forward to and admits many of the truths of being a father. As the post continued, Young wrote, “Be prepared for me to mess everything up and for your mom and sister to always be there to fix it.” Fellow country artist Dylan Scott shared his congratulations with Young in the comments. Scott’s comment preceded numerous other well-wishers.

One fan wrote, “Congrats to the Young family. Rowan is precious.” And truthfully, the infant girl is absolutely beautiful. The photo captures her gentle face and slightly puckered lips. Her closed eyes are unaware of the adoration she will no doubt encounter for the rest of her life. Her gently mussed head of reddish-brown hair tops the peacefulness of the photo.

Brett Young’s Daughter Presley Adores Her Dada

Young’s recent Insta post highlights his new love for infant daughter Rowan. It additionally relates back to his love for young Presley and his wife Taylor. Nevertheless, the artist definitely has that adoration reflected back at him when Mrs. Young previously shared the sweetest video of their oldest daughter.

Mills Young’s video captures sweet Presley and her blonde-haired, blue-eyed self sporting a tiny pink hair bow and one of her mother’s humorous t-shirts. The shirt, admittedly slightly strange, displays various images of Brett Young’s face, with one clear image right in the center of the shirt. Mills Young asks Presley, “Who is that?” and points to the middle of her shirt. Immediately Presley looks down, affectionately holding the hem. “Can you point to Dada?” her mother continues.

At that, the little girl wraps her arms around the front of her shirt. She then embraced the image of Young and turned to toddle away. Her quiet response highlighted the sweetness of her own personality.

While Young’s song “Lady” highlights his dedication and love for his little family, he frequently takes inspiration from his wife when writing some of his song lyrics. In one of his latest songs, “Not Yet,” his lyrics point to the woman’s smile, her lips, and her eyes above all. With a collection of songs to commemorate his fairytale family, we are impatient to see what new music Young’s newest addition inspires.