Brett Young Planning a Family-Oriented 4th of July With ‘Beaches and Barbecue’

by Amy Myers

For country star Brett Young, the Fourth of July is an especially important holiday. Because it reminds him of how close he was to his now-wife before he even met her. When Young met Taylor Mills, she was a student at Arizona State University. According to Young, Mills celebrated the holiday every year at Newport Beach, California, the country star’s hometown. The couple met through mutual friends and eventually married in 2018. Now expecting their second child, Mills and Young are celebrating Independence Day with the classic American staples–beaches and barbecue.

“And Newport Beach closes down the streets, and it’s like beach cruisers and all the homes on the waterfront throw little parties,” Young explained. “And it’s a lot of families, but it’s also a lot of youth, and we’ve just always loved that.”

While the couple no longer celebrates on the West Coast, they create a “PG-13” version at their home in Nashville.

“And so, like whatever the PG-13 family-oriented version of that is – I think it’s fireworks at the beach and barbecuing out on the sand during the day, and volleyball and family and the whole thing,” Brett Young shared.

Brett Young Bases New Single Off His Wife

In April this year, Brett Young released a new pop-country single, “Not Yet.”

Ever the romantic, Young admitted his stunning wife, Taylor Mills, inspired some of the lyrics.

The perfect summer ballad, “Not Yet” makes a great addition to any Fourth of July playlist, especially for the couple whose love story began on the holiday.

We’ll find the bottom of the bottle eventually
And we’re gonna run out of excuses to not go to sleep
And I wanna hold you while you’re driftin’ off to dream
But not yet, no, not yet

‘Cause you still got a lotta kisses left on your lips
Yeah, you still got a lotta time to take away my breath
You, ooh-ooh, still got a lotta drivin’ me wild left
With that smile, with those eyes, I ain’t done lovin’ you tonight
Not yet, not yet

While, today, Young and Mills seem to be living out their happily ever after, the relationship wasn’t always as easy. In fact, after dating for six years, the couple took a two-year break when Young headed off to Nashville to pursue his country music career. However, looking back, Young believes that the separation was for the best.

“It was one of those things where we needed to be apart to grow up before we could come back together,” Young told Country Now.

The result was a relationship that became stronger than ever.

“I cried writing my vows,” Young admitted. “When you’ve been together for 10 years, on and off, it’s really overwhelming to sit down and put into few words how you feel about somebody.”