Brett Young Reveals He Hopes to Make Christmas Album in the Future

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images

Brett Young really wants to make a Christmas album. The country singer discussed his and his wife’s love for the holiday season and how missed out on a Christmas album this year.

“I love Christmas music,” Young told Taste of Country. “I’ve been talking a lot about doing it, more than just one song — whether it’s an EP or a full-length — and what we can do to make it a little different. Because I don’t wanna write Christmas songs. I would love to do the classics, but in a different vibe or style.”

But unfortunately for country music fans, Young realized he wanted to produce a Christmas album too late. The idea didn’t occur to him to the later part of this year despite 2020 being perfect for a little holiday cheer.

“I just realized it too late, and I missed my window,” Young said. “You basically gotta go out in June to cut a Christmas record to have it out in time.”

But he promised his fans that he will produce a holiday album sooner or later. Potentially, 2021 might be his year.

“It’ll happen at some point,” Young continued. “I missed my window this year. So, hopefully, maybe next year? As soon as it works, it’s happening.”

Brett Young Will Spend Christmas with His Family

Young says he looks forward to spending Christmas with his wife Taylor and their one-year-old daughter Presley.

“[Last year] she was a little too young. She was only a month and a half old last Christmas — or, two months exactly, actually,” Young said. “We tried to force it on her and she was like, ‘Yeah, whatever, just feed me.’ But Taylor and I are both big Christmas people.”

But Young joked that his daughter might find herself on the naughty list this year for rude behavior. Apparently, the one-year-old has a habit of grunting at people when she wants food. Santa will still probably visit the Youngs though.

“But that’s what kids do,” Young said. “So maybe that’s the naughtiest we get. We’re very boring over here.”