‘Bring My Flowers Now’ by Tanya Tucker: Decade-Spanning Story Behind Classic Track

by Will Shepard

Tanya Tucker is a music legend. In 2020, she won the Best Country Song Grammy Award for “Bring My Flowers Now.” But, the story behind the song is really interesting. The country legend first broke into the music industry in 1972 with her hit “Delta Dawn.”

Tucker began writing the song 30 years ago and finally finished it in 2019. Tucker says that the song was an incredible journey and a hard-fought one at that. Even though she had been working on the song for thirty years, Brandi Carlile came in and helped finish it in 30 minutes.

“[It was] the last day of the session. Brandi came into the control room and said, ‘Tanya, let’s try and write that song you’ve been writing for the last 30 years.'”

Of course, Tucker obliged, and the two got to work. With the help of Carlile and Phil and Tim Hanseroth, the team finished the song and her first album since 2002. That album is called, While I’m Living.

During her acceptance speech at the Grammy Awards, Tucker talks about how much it means to have finished the song. She says that it is inspiring her to make more music.

“You know, after almost 50 years in this business, after many dreams, it’s unbelievable to me that I’d have a few ‘firsts’ left. So, after 14 trips, 14 nominations, this is the first win. I just want to say that no matter how young or old you are, never stop following your dreams. Keep going.” 

Tanya Tucker Worked on the Song for 30 Years

Additionally, she talks about how the song helps her recognize how important the song is to her work. She says that the song is an autobiographical work that displays her life beautifully. Even though the song is a somber tale, it helps show her mortality. Specifically with her lyric: “Bring my flowers now, while I’m livin’/ I won’t need your love when I’m gone.” 

Carlile talks about her contribution to the song being minute. Even as she helped finish the song, Carlile says that all the glory of the song belongs to Tucker.

“We had been in the studio for a couple of weeks. She had been talking about her life and been really forthcoming, and T, you have an amazing life. All I did was listen. I mean, I was there, but I didn’t really write it. It’s really Tanya’s song.”

Tucker also talks about how amazing it feels to create and finish the masterpiece.

“Anytime you create something that others love and relate to, it automatically makes me feel really,… I can’t even explain it, how great it feels.”

The last time that Tucker won a Grammy was 26 years ago. However, she has been nominated 14 times over her long career and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

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