Brittany Aldean Explains How Jason Aldean is a Loving ‘Disciplinarian’ at Home

by Joe Rutland

Brittany Aldean understands the struggles of being a parent. It’s been easier, though, with husband Jason Aldean around these days.

One distinct difference she points out right away is that Jason Aldean is the one who keeps their two young children Memphis, 3, and Navy, 2, in check. That goes as well for his couple of teenage daughters from a previous marriage.

“We parent very differently, he’s definitely the disciplinarian,” she said in an interview with Popculture. “I am the sucker, but it’s nice to just see him, he’s a sucker for those girls. They could do no wrong. So he says he treats them all equally but that’s not really a little harder on Memphis.”

Brittany Aldean Loves Having Jason Aldean At Home More

Just like a lot of other country music artists, Aldean had been off the road for most of 2020 because of COVID-19. Now Brittany Aldean admits that, at times, it’s been difficult to adjust with him being around more instead of on the road. She doesn’t mind the help with the kids, though.

“But it’s nice — we kind of divide and conquer with the babies,” she said. “So, we’ll each take a kid and one gets them up, the other one’s changing a diaper and then one’s making lunch while the other one’s getting their seats ready.

“Whatever it is, it just makes it easy to have him around all the time,” Brittany Aldean said. “And fun and enjoyable and I’m happy for him because he’s getting to see so many moments that he would typically miss with the babies.”

Brittany Aldean Eyes Getting Back In Shape

Now that it’s 2021, Jason Aldean is making plans to head back out on the road.

What about Brittany, though? She has her sights set on getting physically in shape again. In her past, she was a courtside dancer for the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets basketball team.

Another part of their life that matters to them is spending it in the great outdoors.

Teaching their young kids how to fish proved to be a bit of a test for Brittany and Jason, yet they persevered.

She said that the experience was “kind of a disaster.”

“But it was fun,” Brittany Aldean said. “Memphis actually caught his first fish and he was just so happy. But it’s hard to keep them out of the water … it’s a lot of moving pieces when you have babies fishing. It was fun and I think that’s what makes the memories.”

Outdoors Fun Matters A Lot To The Aldeans

Now Jason does love the outdoors, especially hunting, fishing, laying by the pool, or going to the beach. Just don’t expect to see the Aldeans at a nearby campground anytime soon.

Even Brittany admits that they are more like glampers, instead of campers. They look to stay in locations where popping up a tent and starting a fire isn’t going to be part of their itinerary.

Brittany loves being by the lake; Jason is more of a beach dude. Now can Brittany woo Jason over to her lake-loving ways?

“I’m trying to get him more onto the lake train while he’s trying to get me on the beach train,” she said. “Granted, in Nashville it’s either super cold or super hot and there’s not a lot of in-between time.”

Their goal is to find what she calls “the sweet spot” and take advantage of it in the outdoors.