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Brittany and Jason Aldean Dress Up As Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton for Halloween

by Chris Haney
(Photo by Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic)

On Sunday afternoon, country star Jason Aldean posted an amazing clip of him and his wife dressed as country legends Kenny Rogers and Dolly Parton for Halloween.

Aldean and his wife, Brittany, went the extra mile this holiday season. Instead of dressing spooky like many on Halloween, the couple kept it a little closer to home. They decided to dress up as a pair of country music icons, but took it a step further than just looking the part.

Dolly and Kenny sang multiple duets throughout their long careers in the music industry. The duo were close friends over the years before Rogers sadly passed away last year in March 2020. One of the two country singers’ most popular duets came in 1983 with the single “Islands in the Stream.”

The song topped the Billboard Hot 100 chart that year, which gave Rogers and Parton each their second number one pop hit. “Islands in the Stream” also topped the Country and Adult Contemporary charts on the way to being a platinum-certified single. Additionally, in 2005, CMT polled viewers who voted for the best country duets of all time. Parton and Rogers’ “Islands in the Stream” took the top spot in the poll.

Brittany and Jason Aldean decided to pay homage to not only the two country singers, but their famous single as well. Jason is dressed in a black tuxedo with bowtie and has Rogers’ trademark white hair and beard. His wife nails Dolly’s look with her curly blonde hair and ’80s style dress as the pair lip sync “Islands in the Stream.” Good luck beating them in a Halloween costume contest tonight.

“Happy Halloween from Kenny and Dolly Aldean,” Jason Aldean wrote alongside pumpkin and ghost emojis.

Jason Aldean and His Wife Aren’t the Only Famous Couple to Dress as Country Music Icons for Halloween

While Brittany and Jason Aldean knocked their Halloween costumes out of the park, they’ve got some competition this year. In fact, another famous couple that they’re good friends with wore very similar costumes.

Korie and Willie Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame are good friends with the Aldeans. In fact, Willie and Jason frequently go hunting together when their schedules allow it. So we’re sure the two famous couples may have had some friendly competition this Halloween with their costumes. Both couple’s costumes are priceless to say the least.

Likewise, Korie Robertson went as Dolly Parton, which is the same as Brittany Aldean’s costume. However, Willie kept to his namesake and dressed as Willie Nelson instead of Kenny Rogers. The Duck Dynasty couple are definitely giving the Aldeans a run for their money with this year’s Halloween costumes.

“Willie and Dolly forever,” Robertson wrote on Instagram along with a heart emoji.

“We got a jumpstart on Halloween with a costume party/ poker tournament for @rebeccalorobertson birthday. I lost out early, Willie shared a little of his stack with Dolly, and we both went home with money that we won from our own kids, ha! So much fun!” she added.