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Brittney Kelley, Wife of Florida Georgia Line’s Brian Kelley, Posts Photo on Sportfishing Boat Named After Her

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by John Shearer/Getty Images for dcp)

Brittney Kelley was in a good mood, getting out for some sunshine and enjoying time on the sportfishing boat that is in her name.

Kelley, whose husband is Brian Kelley of Florida Georgia Line, posted a photo on Instagram on Sunday showing the back of the boat.

It looks like she is joined by some friends and having a good time being out in the water.

Deep-sea fishing is usually done from sportfishing boats like the one with her name on it. When going out for that type of angling fun, everything from sharks and tuna to swordfish is in play. We’re not talking about catching small fish off a pier when it comes to this type of deep-sea activity.

The Kelley’s must have been spending their Sunday doing some serious fishing. It takes strength, experience, and lots of support to reel those big fish into the boat.

Brian Kelley Brags About Brittney Kelley And Fishing

Now if you think it’s surprising to see Kelley out fishing, then think again. She’s been out with her husband on bass fishing expeditions, which are much different than deep-sea fishing ones.

Brian Kelley teams with fellow country singer-songwriter Tyler Hubbard to form Florida Georgia Line. Since coming together in 2010, Kelley and Hubbard have put out hit song after hit song.

On Monday, Jan. 12, Kelley touted his family’s outdoor adventures and fun in the sun. The Kelley family went on a fishing trip and appears to have had success. Kelley took to Instagram for a little bragging about his wife’s fishing skills.

“My love @brittneykelley and I doubled up on largemouths at the same time then also caught my first couple peacock bass!!!” Brian Kelley writes on the post.

Kelley has a large social media presence with nearly 500,000 followers on Instagram. The post took in just over 15,000 likes a short time after it went live on social media. Numerous Florida Georgia Line fans flooded the comments section to congratulate the couple on reeling in some nice-sized fish.

Florida Georgia Line Reaches Two Diamond Singles

Back in November, Florida Georgia Line made history with two hit singles earning Diamond status.

The singers became the first country artists in the Recording Industry Association of America certification’s 62-year history to achieve two Diamond singles.

The group’s 2012 breakout hit “cruise” and 2017’s “Meant To Be” are the two songs earning the honor for Florida Georgia Line. According to the RIAA website, only 43 songs have obtained diamond status making the honor of having two highly unique.

Both members of the group, Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley, thanked their fans for making the accomplishment possible.

“Thank you guys for the recognition and this ride has been a dream come true,” Kelley said. “It’s pretty crazy hearing the numbers. It’s pretty wild to think about it in that time span.”

Hubbard adds the feeling of this great accomplishment is “surreal” and he is having to let it “sink in.”