Brooks & Dunn Are Brand New Men in Rousing Performance from Their Reboot Tour

by Taylor Cunningham

It’s been over a decade, but Brooks & Dunn are finally back on stage with their Reboot tour. The duo posted a video of their debut concert on social media. And, well, they’re brand new men.

Ronnie Dunn and Kix Brooks hung up their hats after their Last Rodeo tour in 2010. They’d been owning the country Billboards for 20 years together, but the Boot Scootin’ Boogie singers said their time together had simply come to an end.

Dunn recalled the exhaustion of large crowds and long sets. He and Kix were concerned they would burn out. So Dunn told his other half that they could “afford to stop.”

“We don’t have to do that perpetual treadmill thing,” he said. “It’s time for a break.”

Ronnie Dunn went on to release a solo album. And Kix Brooks started some business ventures, including opening Arrington Vineyard just outside his hometown of Nashville, TN.

The two remained close friends. In fact, in 2010, Dunn told People that he and Kix had never had a single fight during their decades-long partnership. And by the end, they were “more like brothers” than business partners.

The two told St. Louis Today that they never knew if the break-up would be permanent. But, the media made it look like it was a hard close to their career as Brooks & Dunn. The two said it could have gone either way.

“It was always in the back of our minds maybe we’d do it again.”

Brooks & Dunn Kick off a New Tour After Taking a Decade Off

Lucky for us, the Grammy-winning duo did decide to do it again. And they’re on the road right now. Yesterday, Brooks & Dunn posted a video from a recent stop on their Reboot tour on Instagram.

“I’m a brand new…” they wrote.

In the video, the band is rocking out to their 1991 chart-topping single Brand New Man. The title was their first-ever release in the music industry. The song and album, which goes by the same name, went platinum six times in the US and three in Canada. So Brand New Man was the perfect way to pay tribute to Brooks and Dunn reuniting. 

The Camera pans over the stage and packed crowd. Every single person in the group is as good as they were when they were winning the hearts of country fans in the 90s and 2000s.

Brooks & Dunn, who were also nominated for vocal duo of the year, will be on the road with special guests Travis Tritt and Elvie Shane through January. They’re also running a stint in Vegas with Reba McEntire.