Brooks & Dunn Will Headline the Relaunch of ‘CMT Storytellers’ Franchise

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images)

On Wednesday (March 30th), country music stars Brooks & Dunn were announced as headliners for the relaunch of VH1’s famous storyteller series into “CMT Storytellers.”

According to CMT, Brooks & Dunn will star in the debut episode of the “CMT Storytellers” relaunch on April 13th at 8 p.m. Margaret Comeaux, Executive Producer and CMT’s Senior Vice President of Production also spoke about the revival. “It’s an honor to be given the reins to reviving one of the most iconic music series of our generation. As we bring the “Storytellers” franchise to CMT for the first time. Following an unprecedented 97-episode run on our sister network VH1.”

Comeaux also stated that a “legendary series” requires an equally epic kickoff. “We’re proud to have Brooks & Dunn, two of our genre’s greatest storytellers, helping make its momentous return.”

“CMT Storytellers” will feature Brook & Dunn’s hit tracks such as “Neon Moon,” “Boot Scootin’ Boogie,” and “Only in America.” The duo will be playing the songs with a full band and also sharing stories behind the singles. 

CMT further reveals that “CMT Storytellers” will premiere as part of CMT Music Awards Week. The week will also feature original programming and will kick off with the CMT Music Awards. Which will be broadcasted live from Nashville on April 11th. 

Brooks & Dunn Recently Praised REBOOT Tourmate Walker Hayes 

During a recent interview with Music Mayhem, Brooks & Dunn spoke about playing alongside REBOOT 2022 tour mate Walker Hayes. 

“He’s got a big ol’ hit,” Brooks declared. “He’s really got some depth as a songwriter, he’s a real artist. [“Fancy Like”] is one of those songs that you hope it’s not so novel that people are going to write him off for it eventually. Once it gets done being his hit…  he’s been banging on it for a long time. The guy’s really paid his dues. So I hope he does good.”

Also speaking about their single “Neon Moon” becoming super popular on social media TikTok, Dunn declared, “We didn’t know where it came from at first. And finally, we tracked down the guy and it was surreal.”

Brooks & Dunn decided to try out the social media dance trend. Brooks shared, “[Dunn] texted me from his bus one night and he tells me that there’s like three million hits at that point or something. And label says if we would do this dance, that it’s going to blow out up. He goes, ‘What do you think?’ I said, ‘I ain’t doing that  dance. That’s ain’t gonna frickin’ happen.’”

However, Brooks noted that it wasn’t until he saw a seal at Aqua World and a raccoon doing the dance that he decided to do the dance. “I went, ‘Ok, this is really freaking cool. We should do some resemblance of this. So walking on stage we kind of waved at it one night.”