Brooks & Dunn’s Ronnie Dunn Puts Johnny Cash Spin on ‘Elf on the Shelf’

by Madison Miller
Photo by: Albert L. Ortega/Getty Images

Fans have seen #LenoOnCheno, then it was #BiebsOnReebs. Before that it was even #PennOnJenn and #GreaseOnReese.

The newest addition to the strange viral internet trend is #JohnnyOnRonnie. It also came with a suggestion for Dr.Phil to take on the challenge next.

Celebrities have been posting photoshopped pictures of a different celebrity that rhymes with their name on their shoulder. It is meant to be a clever rendition of the Elf on the Shelf game. Now, instead of hiding a creepy elf around the house, the tradition is going from celebrity to celebrity via social media platforms.

The trend started with people saying things like “instead of an elf on the shelf, I’ve got a #GreaseOnReese” or any other variation of the hashtag.

The game is crossing all boundaries. It has gone from actresses to musicians to everything in between.

Now, country artist and record executive, Ronnie Dunn, has placed the heavy burden of legendary artist and public figure Johnny Cash on his shoulder.

He challenged Dr. Phil who could do anything from #SturgillOnPhil or even #JakeGylOnPhil.

Besides celebrities interacting and challenging each other, fans have also been taking part in the challenge. One fan created #GarcelleOnPharell, to which the actor reposted.

Ronnie Dunn Isn’t Done

Besides being a part of a viral internet trend, Dunn is also just as involved in making his music. His most recent work is “Re-Dunn.”

This album is what Dunn calls his “passion project.” It is his fourth studio album and it was released in January of 2020. The 24-song album is full of covers that have left a tremendous impact on Dunn over the years.

It is anything from “Amarillo by Morning” to “How Long.”

The artist, the former other half of Brooks & Dunn, also announced that he invited fans to send in reuniting videos.

Dunn is creating a new music video for “Together Again.” He collected videos from fans of loved ones being reunited during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“There are kids reuniting with grandparents and a lot of nurses coming home and reuniting with family members when they can … They are coming in daily.  The video is definitely going to be a tearjerker,” Dunn told Sounds Like Nashville.

The song is a cover of Buck Owens’ classic song. The deadline for sending in videos was the end of August, so the video should be ready for viewing soon.

Dunn has been cautious during the pandemic and urged others to do the same. He went to his farm that is west of Nashville in March for a few months. He continues to just go back and forth from his two homes while taking all the proper precautions.

The artist recently revealed that he is working on a collaboration with Miranda Lambert. The two are spitballing ideas virtually and they are “hot and heavy.”