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Brothers Osborne Reveal How Prince Inspired Their ‘Skeletons’ Album

by Joe Rutland
(Photo by Leon Halip/Getty Images)

Inspiration for musicians can be found in some rather interesting places. For country music duo Brothers Osborne, they found it in the music of Prince.

In their third album “Skeletons,” guitarist John Osborne says the song “All The Good Ones Are” is one that carries melodic influences from Prince. The album itself mixes both countrified rock feels as well as danceable rhythms harkening back to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder as well as The Purple One.

“That kinda thing is very Prince-inspired,” he says in an interview with LouderSound.com. “I love that. It’s hard to do that sound. I didn’t quite nail it because I just have my own accent when I play the guitar naturally, I can’t get away from it! But I always loved how Prince had very dry, direct guitar stabs in his songs. I thought they were so fun and so cool and percussive.”

A sample of Prince’s guitar playing is found in his classic song “Little Red Corvette.”

Additionally, John and his brother TJ openly admit their fondness for the old-school heroes of rock and country, but also draw from pop, funk, grunge, jazz, jam bands, and more.

The Osbornes’ father had an eclectic music collection, ranging from Dwight Yoakam and Lyle Lovett to The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. Listening to the different styles has carried over into their own music, too.

Brothers Osborne Celebrate Their Musical Uniqueness

John and TJ don’t mind having a kind of musical uniqueness to their work, especially in “Skeletons.”

In “Skeletons,” TJ Osborne sings “I’m good for some, but I’m not for everyone.”

While that may be their declaration, the group has also received six Grammy nominations, four CMA Awards, five ACM trophies, and over half a dozen hits.

They state on their official site that they aren’t shy about their musical influences. “‘Back on the Bottle’ pays tribute to Merle Haggard, while the barn-burning ‘Dead Man’s Curve’ nods to southern rockers like Marshall Tucker and the Allman Brothers Band. Even so, they’ve never sounded more self-assuredly original than they do here, confidently rolling a diverse range of inspiration into their own singular sound.”

Despite all of the obstacles of 2020, the band concludes that this album is meant to showcase their live performances.

Here’s the official video for “All Night,” one of the cuts on “Skeletons.”