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Brothers Osborne Urge Fans to ‘Exercise Caution’ Heading into Thanksgiving

by Matthew Wilson
Photo credit: Jason Davis/Getty Images for AIMP

Brothers Osborne are urging fans to have a safe Thanksgiving this year amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The siblings took to Twitter to warn fans to practice caution.

They wrote, “Just a heads up going into this Thanksgiving that covid is the worst it’s been since it’s onset in the US. Asking politely to please exercise caution as much as you can. We’re nearing the end with the vaccine eying the finish line. We got this y’all.”

Relatively new to Nashville, siblings John and TJ Osborne form the musical group. The duo is known for their songs “Let’s Go There” and “Rum” among others.

Brothers Osborne Celebrate a ‘Misfit Thanksgiving’

On a normal year, the brothers hold a ‘Misfit Thanksgiving’ at their home in Nashville. They invite friends and people who couldn’t visit their families over for the holiday. It is unknown whether they plan to host the holiday again this year due to the pandemic.

“What we’ve done the past several years is because it’s so hard to go home, we would have what we call the Misfit Thanksgiving dinner,” John Osborne said in a statement. “And all the people in Nashville who aren’t able to go home to their families, we would just invite them over to our house and have a big potluck style Thanksgiving dinner.”

“We’ll take like a couple of tables and throw them together and throw some sheets on it just to make it look nice,” they continued. “It’s a very redneck display of like tableware because all the plates don’t match and the forks and knives don’t match, but we don’t care. People will bring wine, and at the end of the day, we’ll probably have 12-15 people all sitting at dinner together that weren’t able to go home with their families, and just enjoy it with friends. It’s been really fun. Definitely a lot less stress than going home.”