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Bruce Springsteen Discusses How He Stays in Shape with Tim McGraw

by Jon D. B.
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Tim McGraw asks The Boss himself how he stays in such excellent shape as part of his latest interview for Apple Music Country.

It’s hard to conjure two veterans of the industry who stay in better shape than Tim McGraw and Bruce Springsteen. The two have performed together in the past as part of both awards shows and concerts, and clearly have a warm friendship.

As such, country icon Tim McGraw has The Boss on for the latest Apple Music Country interview. Within, the two legends, who are now 53 (McGraw) and 71 (Springsteen), discuss the latter’s secrets to keeping in such excellent shape.

“You won’t believe who I’ve got on #BeyondTheInfluence today….the legend himself @springsteen!!” McGraw posts to his official Instagram account. Their fitness chat is a brief segment of their full interview, which went live today at 5 pm CST.

Springsteen & Treadmills: Old Enemies

“How do you stay in shape so well? ‘Cause you’re in great shape,” McGraw starts off – cutting right to the chase.

Right as Springsteen starts off, however, McGraw cuts in with “I know you like treadmills!” This is, clearly, a reference to an anecdote Springsteen has shared with his friend in the past. The two share a hearty laugh at the mention.

“Did I tell you that story? I told you that story…” Springsteen recalls. “Well, we’ll skip it for now,” he laughs, “but if anyone’s come off a treadmill at about 60 mph – that’s what happened to me!”

“Y’know, I don’t really do that much right now. I lift [weights] to stay toned,” The Boss starts off of his current workout regime. “I may get on the treadmill… I’ll walk – I don’t run anymore,” he smiles, referencing his harrowing incident.

As for his main concern where staying in shape is concerned?

To Tim McGraw, “Diet is 90% of the Game”, says The Boss

“The biggest thing is: diet, diet, diet,” Springsteen emphasizes. “I don’t eat too much, and I don’t eat bad food. Except for once in a while when I want to have some fun for myself. So I think if anyone is trying to get in shape, exercise is always important, of course. But diet is 90% of the game.”

And when a 71-year-old gentleman still looks to be in his prime, his advice is worth listening to! Disregarding the personal chefs and access to the country’s finest resources, of course.

Give the full segment a watch below:

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