Bruce Springsteen Reveals the Lyric in One of His Iconic Songs Everyone Has Been Singing Wrong

by Taylor Cunningham
Getty Images

The long-debated lyrics from Bruce Springsteen’s Thunder Road have been finally been clarified—and the answer has Springsteen shocked.

The Oscar-winning singer and songwriter visited The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Nov. 14, and he was already prepared for the host to ask him about the words that follow “a screen door slams.” Some people hear “Mary’s dress sways” and others hear “Mary’s dress waves”

“I knew you were going to ask this question, so I came prepared,” Springsteen said while pulling out a copy of the original song.

“This record is almost 50 years old. Fifty years ago, I was a sociopath,” he added while building tension. “I was insane about every single detail that had anything to do with music, my album, my album cover, my lyrics. I went over everything with a fine-tooth comb so everything would be perfect and completely accurate. The lyrics to Thunder Road are in this album. The correct lyrics.”

Bruce Springsteen opened the album cover to reveal the answer, and he hilariously discovered that he himself has been singing the lyrics wrong. He has been performing Thunder Road live for almost five decades, and every time he did, he sang “Mary’s dress sways,” but he actually wrote “waves” and completely forgot.

“I’m more confused now than before I asked,” Fallon yelled.

“This is wrong,” Springsteen joked. “I’m telling you this is wrong. How did that happen?”

We May See a Live Bruce Springsteen and Taylor Swift Collaboration

Thunder Road is one of Springsteen’s most well-known classics. The platinum-selling single earned him a Grammy nod in 1998 and is considered one of the Greatest Songs of All Time by Rolling Stones Magazine. So Springsteen can’t help but laugh at himself for butchering his own lyrics.

However, the 73-year-old legend has a chance to make things right. Next summer, he’s heading out on tour to promote his new solo album, Only The Strong Survive. If he pulls Thunder Road out of his arsenal, he’ll be able to accurately tell the audience what happened to Mary’s dress.

Bruce Springsteen will also be traveling the country alongside Taylor Swift’s highly-anticipated tour. And many fans are guessing that the two meet up for a duet. Fallon asked if there is any truth to that rumor. And while the singer didn’t give a definite answer, he admitted that he’d be happy to take the stage with her.

“Well, I will be because my daughter is going to make sure,” Springsteen laughed. “I will be at the Taylor Swift show. So, I know that. And she’s welcome on E Street anytime.”